Animals That Are Only Found in India

There are countless animals in India that make the country a mystic place. Here, we check out the top 7 animals that are found only in India!

Snow Leopard

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The snow leopards are specific to India, and they are found in the rocky and steep regions of the Himalayas. These leopards come from the family of a panther or wild cats. They have long and thick fur. Their color can be smoky gray or a yellow tan. Their height may range between 80-105 cm. Like many other animals, their population is also declining. Currently, there are around 6000 snow leopards that exist. The main cause for the decline in their numbers is unchecked hunting for their exotic fur for making merchandise and a change in habitat. You can find the snow leopard in the regions of Uttarakhand and Himachal.

Black Buck

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The Indian antelopes or the blackbucks are usually found int he grasslands, scrubs or plains areas in India. There has been a drastic decline in the number of blackbucks due to extreme illegal poaching, inbreeding, overgrazing, and destruction in their habitat. Most of the land has been converted into agricultural land. This has also led to a sharp decline in the number of blackbucks. There are many national parks where they can be spotted. This includes Corbett National Park, Guindy National Park, Velavadar National Park, and many others. The blackbucks are so special that they are considered the state animals of three states in India. These states are Punjab, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh.

Asiatic Lion

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Asiatic Lion is also known as the Indian or the Persian lion. They are also known as the king of the jungle. According to the WWF, the Asiatic lions are only found in India. According to the present statistics, only 200 of the total population of Asiatic lions exist in the world. They are mostly found in the Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in the Indian state of Gujarat. They are known to be the second largest of the feline species that are found in the world after tigers.

Bengal Tigers

An endangered, female Bengal tiger, Panthera tigris tigris, at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

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Tigers are the national animal of India and is also known as the ‘Big Cat.’ Like all other animals, the Bengal Tigers are also under threat due to relentless hunting and poaching by humans. The natural habitat of these tigers is deciduous forests, tropical evergreen forests, thorn forests, mangrove swamps, and grass jungles. However, this habitat is almost disappearing in India, and that is another reason why these tigers are also disappearing. In total, there are 48 tiger reserves where these tigers can be spotted. The highest number is found in Jum Corbett National Park though. Other places where these tigers can be found are Sariska Tiger Reserve, Sundarbans, etc.

Lion-Tailed Macaque

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The lion-tailed macaque is found in the Western Ghats in a tiny pocket of the tropical forest. They are one of the most endangered species in the world. Only a handful of them is available in the zoo.

Nilgiri Tahr

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Another threatened mountain animal in India is the Nilgiri Tahr. They habit the tropical rainforests of the Western Ghats. This particular animal is considered endemic to the state of Tamil Nadu and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

One-Horned Rhinoceros

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The Indian Rhinoceros or the One-Horned Rhinoceros are other unique animals that are endemic to India. They are found in the well-known Kaziranga National Park in the country. Although they were poached quite a bit for their horns, there has been a decline in this crime since strict laws were put into place to stop this species from extinction.

Final Words

Therefore, as is evident, India is a majestic land with many unique animals that are found in this country and that increases its beauty.