Climate change is a natural phenomenon in which the weather conditions of the particular area changes over a period of time.

The change in climate takes place from one season to another or from one place to another due to the change in temperature in several areas or with the heavy rainfall, the climate of the entire earth changes. It also affects the overall climate of the earth surface with the change in the average temperature due to rainfall.

The burning of fossil fuels can raise the temperature of the earth and it is also the main reason for the climate change. It is also considered as the global warming. Global warming termed as the change in the temperature of the earth, when the temperature rises it may cause global warming.

One of the most causing reasons of the climate change is human intervention. The excessive use of fossil fuels can come into the contact of air directly, and the release of carbon dioxide can affect the environment. Due to release of these gases, the ozone layers become thinner and the ultra violet rays of the sun directly reaches the earth and can affect the environment. These gases trap heat within the atmosphere and affect the earth via change in the temperature, rise in the sea level or by droughts.

The other activity of human beings that affect the environment is deforestation. It is mainly done to fulfill their personal need. But excessive cutting down of trees may affect the environment and also one of the cause for the rise of temperature. We can’t stop cutting of trees as our wants are unlimited and resources are limited.

In previous time, the resources like plants, trees are more than the human needs. The people don’t have too much knowledge about how to make full utilization of the resources. And in present time, the people are more than the resources available. To fulfill their needs, they are doing the activity which causes deforestation.

Due to the decrease of the no of trees, the people are not able to inhale proper oxygen from the environment. As the oxygen is produced by the plants and if the no of plants are more, more oxygen is present in the air. And human beings take Oxygen and release carbon dioxide, the more people release more Co2 and it can be harmful for the atmosphere. The other reason is the excessive use of vehicles which generates the air pollution and polluted it. It has become one of the important needs of the human beings and one of the pollution causing activity.

Effects of Climate Change

Even small Change in the climate can lead to the hazardous effect to the nature. The temperature is rising gradually year by year. Some polar ice caps are melting which leads to rise of sea levels. Due to the additional rainfall in several weather conditions may be the reason for the floods. Wildfires can lead to threatens for the human beings and also contribute human deals in future.


At present the entire scientist concluded that, climate is changing due to human activities. The several famous economists are agreeing that the action taken to reduce fossil fuel would be less costly than making deal with the consequences of not going further.