10 Monkey Species in India

India is a very diverse land where habitats and regions are concerned such as grasslands, forests, deserts, and wetlands. The Indian biodiversity is such that it can easily support a whole multitude of flora and fauna. Monkeys are an essential part of this biodiversity. Many species of monkeys can be found distributed in the entire Indian subcontinent. Let us check out the top 10 species of monkeys that can be found in India!

1. Rhesus Macaques

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This is a well-known species of the Old-World monkeys. The Rhesus Macaques are distributed across the country in a large population. This species is very native to Asia and can be found in a few Indian states and cities such as Varanasi, Rajasthan, and Delhi.

2. Bonnet Macaque

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This species of monkeys are most commonly found in the Southern part of the country. They live in dry deciduous forests and high evergreen forests of the mountainous region of the Western Ghats. Their back is greyish black in color, and they generally have a long tail.

3. Assam Macaque

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The species of Assam Macaque is a group of monkeys that are native to Southeast Asia. They are also largely found in Assam, which is how they get their name. These monkeys are yellowish-gray in color and have dark brown facial skin with a small tail.

4. Arunachal Macaque

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The Arunachal Macaque can be located in the dense forests of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Their size is fairly large, and they have a short tail with a dark face. They prefer living in high altitudes of Arunachal’s mountainous valleys. They are also rather endangered in the present times.

5. Stump-Tailed Macaque

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The Bear Macaque or the Stump-Tailed Macaque can be located in the Brahmaputra River valley as well as the Indian Himalayan region. This species possesses dark brown thick fur that covers its entire body. These monkeys usually have red or pink faces and a rather short tail.

6. Lion-Tailed Macaque

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This species of the lion-tailed macaque can be found in the majestic Indian Western Ghats. Again, they are a part of the Old-World monkeys just like the Rhesus Macaques. They dwell in rainforests and have a medium black and silver-white mane. It is again an endangered Indian species.

7. Pig-Tailed Macaque

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This is yet another species of monkeys that can be located in the northeastern part of India. States like Tripura, Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland have a number of these monkeys. This species is also sometimes known as the northern pig-tailed macaque.

8. Gray Langur

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Gray Langur has six different species namely the Black-Footed Gray Langur, Tarai Gray Langur, Tufted Gray Langur, Northern Plains Gray Langur, Kashmir Gray Langur, and Southern Plains Gray Langur. This species of monkeys are endemic to the southern part of India, and they generally survive on leaves.

9. Golden Langur

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The Golden Langur can easily be regarded as the most beautiful as well as endangered primate species of monkeys in India. The Golden Langur is endemic to Assam and can be found in the Brahmaputra Valley. This is probably one of the most mesmerizing monkeys on the list.

10. Capped Langur

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This species of primate can be found in the northeastern part of India, usually in the tropical dry forests. They can also be found in some neighboring countries. They are quite similar to the Gray Langur in appearance except for the additional cap that is present on their heads.

Final Words

As is evident, India is home to a wide variety of monkeys that can be found throughout the country. These are the top 10 species of super unique monkeys in India that can amaze and astonish you at the same time!


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