Bed bugs, i know you want to get rid of them because they are not only annoying they don’t let you sleep peacefully. You have fear they might enter your nose and ears while you are sleeping.

In this post we are going to find where what kind of bed bugs are there and how to kill them all.

You know why these bugs are found in your bed because these bugs tend to drink your blood when you are asleep, isn’t that horrifying? I mean we already have mosquitoes, why one more predator to suck our blood?

Their scientific name is Cimicidae and these bugs are nocturnal and good at hiding. They will hide in your bed, suitcases, shoes etc.

Cimicidae – Bed bugs (Img Source: )

These bed bugs feed on warm blooded animals but they mostly love human blood. After taking blood meal they hide for next 4-5 days where they will digest their food or lay eggs.

How to get rid of them ?

It is better to call pest control professionals to handle them but if you want to handle them your self here are some of the points.

They key of getting rid of them is early detection. If you can find them early before they breed and spread everywhere in your house you can kill them yourself using bugs killer available in market today.

If you think you can put your infected bed in freezer for 4 days at lower temperature than 0 degree, they will be atomically killed, that would be a non chemical idea to kill them.

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However if they have already spread across your house this spray won’t help you that much it can just give you relax for few day but they will again come from eggs.

These kinds of sprays are not able to reach every corner of your room or house and also their hiding places, so it becomes difficult to kill them all.

It’s better to call a pest control profession to your house and let them handle gracefully.

Some other ways kill the bugs

  • Spraying vinegar on bugs kills them instantly because it disrupts their nervous system.
  • Spraying detergent water can also kill them. This method was reported by one quora user and we do not guarantee.
  • Rubbing alcohol can also kill the bugs.
  • Peppermint,Lavender oil Keeps them away