List of works done by Modi Government Till now

Modi Government

It’s almost more than 5 years since Modi Government came into power with their slogan ‘Acche Din.’ Being a common citizen of the country, it makes you think about the progress of the government. Is it really bringing any changes or just acting as the previous ones?

In search of that answer here we are with the list of the positive things that India experienced in the past 5 years. It is not about one person or party, it is about the teamwork under Modi government that is assisting the development of India. It is about taking up the responsibilities that come with the positions. Do these positive changes really support better days? Let’s find out.

Make In India

Agriculture and Industry are two strong pillars for the nation that spins the wheels of development. With the introduction of Make In India, certainly, Modi government has taken a huge step forward. It not only facilitated investment but also gave a nice boost to research and development. The other part is the generation of skill-based jobs and creating employment opportunities.

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and the best example of make in India project is Train 18 also known as Vande Bharat Express. It is India’s fastest train.

Clean India Campaign

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as it’s popularly known is really a welcoming step from the government. Keeping the localities clean is certainly not only the government’s job and citizens play an important part. The involvement of the people in this nationwide campaign certainly presented a successful picture. Moreover, through celebrity endorsements, the message of hygiene and civic sense is well established. Started in 2nd October 2014, it has created a huge impact.


You can also be the part of this campaign at

It was a much needed thing we Indians wanted and i am glad to say that people are now changing. They are more conscious than ever before and that day is not far when Atithi Devo Bhawa will be more aligned to cleanliness.

Jan Dhan Yojana

This initiative was announced on 15th August 2014 and over 15 crore-bank accounts were created within a short span of 1 year. The reason was providing the people with credit facilities, insurance, and pension.

In 2016

jan dhan


NITI Aayog

The policy thinks tank of government NITI Aayog came into effect by replacing the Planning Commission on January 1, 2015. Consisting of top-class economists, advisers and consultants the National Institution of Transforming India Aayog is a fresh welcome that certainly removed the policy paralysis faced under UPA rule. Also, the GOMs and EGOMs were abolished along with the replacement of the Planning Commission.

niti aayog

NITI AAYOG - An Overview of the Sustainable Development Goals, source

Building of Toilets

Though this is a part of Clean India Drive but it requires a special mention. The lack of proper toilet was identified mainly due to it’s two major problems. The first one being the lack of hygiene that certainly fuels spreading of diseases. The second reason emphasised was that the lack of toilet makes it harder for the women of this country to deal with nature’s call. Thus, the project of building 10 crore toilets by 2019 is initiated. The best part is for construction, the government has urged different corporate houses to contribute. With a positive response, many have come forward. TCS has decided to build 10, 000 toilets for girls school across the country while Oriental Bank of Commerce has announced 2 crores contribution. Other business houses have also come forward with their contribution.

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The Neighbourhood Relationships

Neighbours are the ones to help you in the time of need, it stands true for an individual, as well as, a country. Improving the relationships with the immediate neighbours is one of the biggest steps taken by the new government. In an aggressively smart move during the swear-in ceremony, the new government invited all the member nations of SAARC. Also, the visit to far out economic leaders of the world to showed that India is a power rising and needs to be taken seriously. Through different treaties, the new government ensured foreign investment, technological advancements and much more. Also, it came into mediation with not so friendly neighbors like China and Pakistan.

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 Source: India Times

Foreign Investment

The world of investment in India is in a fast track mode because of the different initiatives by the Government. The foreign countries are exploring the manufacturing market and they are making worthy investments in the market. One this is certain that Modi Government has created the image of strong and confident India in front of World economy.

The Digital Drive

Modi government knows the impact and reach of the digital world. Under the present government, the digital world in India has experienced a huge push of development. Different technologies are used to narrow down the gap between the citizens and the government. Through means of the internet, the government is taking in consideration the grievances of the common people and providing solutions. Also, it is developed in the platform to share information about the progress was done and upcoming projects. Some of the initiatives worth mentioning are Digital India, MyGov, Indian SME Online, Helpline Women get Online, Track Attendance, and different mobile apps. This digital drive is also building up the aspects of employment and safety.

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Improved communication

Who could have thought that only one tweet to railway ministry or foreign ministry would get you out of your problems? Well, this is the truth! Different ministries across the country are doing a great job by keeping in touch with the citizen 24*7 through the social media. Besides helpline numbers, the social media is heavily used by the citizens to take their problems across the government for a prompt action.

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Big in Tourism

It’s Governments plan to take India into the position of world class travel destination. From facilities of visa on arrival to the safety of foreign nationals, different steps are taken to ensure that more tourists are attracted towards India. Certainly, an increase in the tourism industry is a boost for the economy of the country and will also generate more employment options.

Down with Corruption

The subsidies provided to the citizens through means of bank account came as a very big step in slowing down the aspect of corruption in this country. With money directly going into bank accounts of the citizens, the need for intermediaries is eliminated which in turn dried up any source of corruption.

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Austerity drives in ministers

The present Indian government has small team of ministers with restricted allowance, parks, and facilities for each. This planned process of expenditure for the minister is certainly a good step that makes sure to save a good amount of Tax Payers’ money that can be used on other developmental works.

Namami Gange Programme

Under Namami Gange project government is currently building lots and lots of sewage treatement plants in various states like UP, Bihar, Bengal and Uttarakhand.

These sewage treatment plants first clean the sewage water before letting them enter in Ganga river.

Namami Gange is a very large project when completed it will transform river Ganga, completely and not only river ganga will benefit but it is also good for our environment and our mother earth and Beloved India.

It takes time to complete this task and it will take at least 10 years to see a change is Ganga river water quality.

The main pillars of this program are :

Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure
River-Surface Cleaning
Industrial Effluent Monitoring
River-Front Development
Public Awareness
Ganga Gram