Aliens Mystery

Alien Invasion on earth
Alien Invasion


“Mom, do aliens really exist?” a 7 year old boy asks his mom thinking it would be a miracle to meet an alien. The mother looks at him and laughs. Truth is that she does not know the answer to the question. We have seen many Hollywood and Bollywood movies being made on aliens. We always wonder whether there is life on other planet and whether we would ever meet an alien. Firstly, we need to solve the mystery. Do aliens exist?

We do know for a fact there are eight planets in the solar system. The eight planets are –









How can you be sure that Earth is the only planet which has life? Scientists have found that Mars is a top candidate which could have signs of life. You might have heard during space lessons in your class that the Milky Way galaxy has millions of planets. Studies show that they have liquid on them like Planet Earth does.

If there is life existing on another planet, we cannot say for sure that it would an intelligent entity like the human being. The question of whether an alien exists comes later because firstly we need to discuss the requirements of a planet having life.

Alien planet

What makes a planet habitable? Let us discuss the points.

  • The planet should have an atmosphere. Earth gives us the basic need such as oxygen. Earth has carbon dioxide which keeps the planet warm. It has other gases as well. The atmosphere also protects the Earth from harmful radiations. We all learn that in Science lessons!
  • The planet should be at a secure distance from star. By star, we mean the sun. If the planet is too close to the sun, it will be hard to live. If the planet exists in the Habitable Zone then there are chances there can be life.
  • The planet should be surrounded by stable stars. Some stars can burn up a planet and it is important to be far away. The luminosity of the stars should not be too high as it can burn a planet.
  • The planet should not have a low mass. Low mass equals to low gravity which means that a planet having a low mass is not suitable for survival. The planets with low gravity will not be able to retain an atmosphere.
  • The planet must rotate on its axis and also revolve. The Earth revolves around the Sun and rotates on its axis.
  • The planet must have a molten core.

In the recent years, several Scientists found liquid on the planet Mars. They found that it is likely that there is life on the red planet. Have you ever imagined life on some other planet? We live on Planet Earth and there are many people who wonder the same. You wish to live on a different planet but you do not know whether it is in living condition or not.

Is water enough for existence? What about the need for oxygen? What about shelter? What about trees? What about a food chain? What would a person eat? Will they be able to breathe? There is no proof that there is life on any other planet. Now we shall get to the question – What makes Earth a planet ideal for existence?

Scientific studies say that the icy moon could support life. Findings showed that molecular hydrogen came from the moon which means it may be alive. Enceladus orbits around the Planet Saturn and Scientists say that under its icy shell, there may be an ecosystem.

The three ingredients required for life on a planet are – water, energy and organic molecules.

The question is – Would you leave your comfortable planet and live on a planet with liquid? You would need more than just water to sustain.

Do Aliens Exist?

Some people say that there are aliens and some just find it a figment of imagination.

Aliens face
Aliens, Do they exists

There are Ancient evidences that people may have spotted a UFO. Have you heard about the UFO painting? Yes, we are talking about the Madonna with Saint Giovannino painting. It was created in the 15th Century and one can see in the painting that there is a UFO in the background. The dog and the man are staring at the sky and they are seeing the UFO. Looks like nobody noticed that Virgin Mary is in the picture as well.

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Ancient evidence has been found of the elongated skulls. These were found in Paracas, an Ancient city in Peru. Are these alien skulls? These are two thousand year old skulls which the Scientists said that it could be of the aliens. They are cone-shaped and it is possible these could be of aliens. DNA report came and it was found out that it is an mtDNA. The mutations are not known in animals or human beings.

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There are listed sighting of UFO’s on Wikipedia.

Astronauts have been to the space. If you can believe media reports, the astronauts are a better source of information. Edgar Mitchell, Dr Brian O’Leary and Cady Coleman have sighted UFO’s. Buzz Aldrin shared his experience that he saw something moving beside their spaceship. First they thought it was a rocket but it was actually a UFO.

National Geographic has listed the Top 10 UFO sightings. On June 1st, 1853, Tennessee College Campus saw a luminous object. The Burritt College students saw a luminous object hover over their campus. A.C. Carnes, the professor reported the incident and the students wanted an explanation. On February 25, 1942, during the battle of Los Angeles, the radar operators saw an unidentified object. It zoomed and vanished! They thought the Japanese were trying to attack them but once they fired, it hit nothing.

On January 8, 2008, 40 local residents saw a UFO which hovered over a farming community. They saw the UFO for five minutes and people reported that it was like a luminous object was flying. On January 7, 1947, a saucer appeared over Kentucky. The locals telephoned the police that they saw something strange. They reported that they saw a circular object flying which had a brilliant glow.

How is it possible that there are no aliens? If people have made movies on aliens, they sure have an idea what the creatures look like. How can we be so sure that they have elongated heads? How can we be sure that their UFO looks circular and glows? It is because we have an idea that the aliens have been seen.

UFO Alien Space Ship
UFO Alien Space Ship

On December 9, 1965, the residents of a Pennsylvania village reported that they saw an object in the sky. It crashed on a local field. People described it as having acorn shape. The people got to see the UFO for a good 15 minutes.

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Will we ever find aliens? What if we do?

You have an idea what they look like. However, you cannot be sure that they would be the same like the one in E.T. Now we do know that there are UFO’s, we need to see evidences of an alien being present. What would real ET look like? We have created an imaginary creature in our head. We think it would be a green or blue alien with big eyes. We assume that his food is sunlight. What if they eat human beings? If we think about it, it is not possible because they are living far away from Planet Earth.

Are we alone? Now that is a big question. The astronomers have managed to discover thousands of planets, there are chances there could be aliens hiding from the human eyes. The Universe has existed for 13.81 billion years and it is possible that all this time, there have been other life forms on other planets. There could be another universe as well. Will we find an intelligent alien? If you ask us, dogs and dolphins are intelligent but you will not find them building airplanes or developing a theory. One thing we are sure of is that we are not alone in the Universe. There are other universes as per the Scientists and Astronomers. There are chances that in all these billion years, different life forms were created other than human beings.

Alien Invasion on earth
Alien Invasion

Would we be able to communicate with them?

The biggest trouble would be to communicate with the aliens. They would have a different language that we will not be able to understand. It is because of communication that we are able to work with each other in the human world. If the aliens find us or we find them, there will be a language barrier but we will always have numbers and Mathematics. The first contact would be a radio signal.

Would the scientists be able to understand the radio signal sent by the aliens? Most people feel that they will have a dramatic experience once they meet an alien. It is the unknown which gets us excited. Did you know that Jews believe in other life forms? If life does exist and aliens are there, they will not be interested in contacting us in case they are intelligent beings. The Panspermia theory is a hypothesis that life does exist throughout the Universe.

Alien creature
Alien creature

It is difficult to predict the way the world reacts once it does see an alien. Our best guess that the response will be positive. We have seen aliens in movies and we have always tried to think whether they would be nice or destroyers? If we come in contact with an alien, it would be either scary seeing a unique looking creature. If one alien comes to our planet, it would be a tough time for it to survive because all the Scientists would try to study him.

Should we contact the aliens?

Scientists can reach out to the aliens through Active SETI. It is basically cosmic cryptography. When Christopher Columbus reached America, it did not turn out to be pleasant for the Americans. Just like that, the coming of the aliens might not be a great idea. Scientists would not want to send radio waves to the aliens. Why should we invite trouble? ET could be either good or bad. If he turns out to be bad, he could destroy our planet.

In a nutshell, it is likely that we would meet an alien. The near future does not seem so promising because there are no signs of aliens. What if the aliens are not as noble as we think? What if they try to attack our planet? However, they would first send a message. What would the scientists do in such a case? Most scientists do not wish to take the risk because it could provide harm to the humanity. There is water on Mars and water does provide life. It could be possible that they are living on the planet.

The Scientists discovered a blinking star called Tabby Star. They developed a new theory that there may be aliens on the star. What is so interesting about aliens? Have you ever tried to figure out why everyone wishes to spot a UFO and meet an alien? It is because we all are fascinated by the unknown. We are scared of the thought of ghosts but we wish to hear supernatural stories and we want to contact them through different modes. This has been a topic of debate for most academicians and Scientists. Are there aliens? Will we ever see them? Will they try to contact us? If there is extraterrestrial life outside our planet, they might not want to contact us. If they do, they would be planning to send a message to us through radio waves. They would be thinking as to what message that would be. Let us hope that if we meet aliens in near future, they should be kind and not destroyers of the world.