This time-lapse from Google Earth from various parts of the world shows how much destruction we have to done to our planet Earth.

This time-lapse shows how our earth has changed in past 32 years. We humans are responsible for all those changes good or bad. We have destroyed much of earth wilderness in past 32 years and are continuing to do so we can expect another drastic change in next 32 years.

Chongqing China

Below time-lapse is of Chongqing China, It show how a wilderness is converted into mega city in just 32 years. To see this you need to click the play button.

Causes of this drastic change

Over population leading more exploitation of natural resources

Cutting of trees at an unprecedented rate

Creating concrete jungle after destroying natural jungle.

Over population means more food production needed which means more jungles will be cut and replaced by farmland.

Continuously expanding cities.


Chongqing in 1984

Chongqing Today

Source : wikipedia


There was no palm island until year 2000, In this time lapse you will see how Dubai has transformed itself in just 17 years.

Dubai case shows we are not only aggressive on land but also on sea and oceans.

Today Dubai looks like this but it wasn’t the case 17 years ago. These artificial islands looking like palm and earth are created by man in just 17 Years.


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© WWF-Brazil / Juvenal Pereira

Clearing forests, such as in the National Forest of Bom Futuro, RondĂ´nia, Brazil


source: wikipedia

Smog in Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr


Kaziranga National Park in Assam State

Before Flood




Assam is one of the flood prone areas in India. Floods can be mainly be consequences of Climate Change. These are the results of Global climate change.