How to make oxygen from Wind Turbine

To understand this first we need to understand how oxygen is extracted and stored in cylinder.

oxygen can be extracted from air by the process of liquefaction and then fractional distillation.

Basically we have mainly 4 gases in our lower atmosphere i.e carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

To achieve the process of liquefaction we will need to cool the air till -79 degrees and at this temprature carbon dioxide will become solid and will be seperated from the mixture.

Now only 3 gases are left in the mixture. If we continue cooling further till -200 degrees then air will become liquid.

Now this liquid air contains nitrogen, oxygen and argon which can be further separated by fractional distillation.

Fractional distillation can be achieved by slightly heating the liquid air so that Nitrogen converts to gas when temperature reaches above -196 degrees and oxygen remains in liquid form.

At -183 degrees oxygen will remain in liquid form so do not heat more than required.

Now pump the remaining liquid air into separate fractional column.

Again heat until argon becomes gas and pump the pure liquid oxygen into a separate column.

Wind turbine can be used here for two purposes , one is for generating the power to run the cooling device and distillation unit. Second for capturing the air into a separate air container from where air can be converted back to liquid air.

For this purpose wind turbine needs to be big enough to properly functional and generating oxygen this way is very much possible.

Can we extract water from Wind Turbine.

Yes we can extract water from wind turbine. Have you ever visited a sea shore ? you will notice the amount of moisture in the air. Sea shore areas contains lots and lots of moisture and can be used to produce lots of gallons of water without needing a very big treatment plant because moisture water droplets are already freshwater and do not contain any salt, we will not need a desalination plant here. We will only need a way to capture the moisture and filter it that’s it.

Water vapors in atmosphere can be convert back to water by the process of condensation.

Condensation is the process of converting water from it’s gaseous form to liquid form.

Wind turbine can be fitted with a cooling device along with a air sucking device. When sucked air will come in contact with cooling device the gaseous water will convert back to water droplets and can be collected and filtered.

Can all of these oxygen, water and electricity be done from a single wind turbine?

Yes, all of these can be done from a single wind turbine but the cost of a single wind turbine like this will increase but considering the benefits it is giving this is still a cost effective way.

The process of converting sea water into freshwater is also costly if these things can be done by a wind turbine then why not go for it.

This will be boon for people living in costal areas where driking water is still a issue due to non availability of freshwater.

The cost of maintaining such a wind turnbine can be compensated by selling the liquid oxygen and electricity to the masses.

If large number of wind turbines are used for this purpose then certainly this will change the business of Wind energy.

It can be boon for people living in coastal areas because in coastal areas wind speed is high and wind is full of moisture.

Air flowing from sea to shore is in high speed which is perfect for a wind turbine equipped with oxygen and water generator along with electricy.

Wind turbines can be arranged in clusters and can work together.