30 Facts about Wind Turbines

How wind turbines work they work on the same principle of a fan, where a fan generates wind through electricity same way a wind turbine generates electricity from the wind.

Wind turns the blade of wind turbine and this spins the generator inside which creates electricity.

Wind is a form of solar energy because it is created When sun hits the atmosphere on eventually and the wind flows from higher density to the lower density this creates the flow of wind and that is responsible for moving the blades of the wind turbine.

There are two types of winter mine horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbine.

Wind turbine comes in various shapes and sizes some are used for household purposes and some are used for generating electricity for power grid.

There are some negative aspects of wind Turbines as well like they produce noise when blade rotates and also they are associated with killing wild animals like killing birds but but it is estimated that one or two birds are killed by wind turbines per year.

Wind turbines can be very large in size and they can be tall as a 20 story building and may have long blades up to 60 meter.

One largest wintering in US powers up to 600 homes.

Wind is a source of renewable energy and is one of the most cleanest form of energy because it leaves no residue behind.

Until now world has only been able to capture a small fraction of wind energy.

Wind turbines are usually placed in hilly areas or sea areas or windy areas where abundant wind flows throughout the day.

Initially wind mills were used for water pumping and later they were used for electricity generation.

Wind mills were also used to propel boats around 5000 BC.

They were used for grinding grains in Persia and Middle east.

In India small household wind turbines costs around 1 lakh and in US it costs around 3000 USD to 8000 USD.

Big commercial wind turbines in US costs around 3 to 4 Million US dollars for 2 MW in size.

Suzlon an India based company is among the top 5 manufacturers of wind Turbines in the world. It was established in 1995 and has presence in around 30 countries.

Vestas is another global player in this field. It is based in Denmark.

The first modern wind turbine was built in Vermont, USA in 1940

Hawaii, USA has the largest wind turbine in the world.

A small wind turbine can be used to charge your batteries and power your house.

Wind energy is growing exponentially and is destined to rise as world demands more clean energy and also the consumption of energy is increasing everyday.

Albert Betz (1885-1968) a German physicist was the pioneer of wind turbine technology.

Today wind turbine is a more complex machine with at least 8000 components than traditionally used wind mills.

Wind Turbines do not use any form for water for electricity generation thus it saves the water.

Wind energy is great alternative to fossil fuels.

Today wind turbines are 50 times more powerful than it used to be 20 years ago

Per Mega watt cost of wind turbine is 1 Million US dollars.