If you do not want to work too much but still want to achieve great things in life then you have come to the right place. But first let me tell you that this is not a magic trick, to achieve great things in life it requires your effort and lot of it. But here’s a catch, here you don’t have to put too much effort, here you just have to give 30 minutes to 1 hours every day of your life for next 5 years.

Suppose you are currently working as a plumber and you want to change your life or just want to switch your job what you need to do is make a exit plan for next 5 years.

Your exit plan should not be less than 2-3 years but i will suggest at least 5 years.

Suppose you want to become a Software Developer from a Plumber. Is it doable ? Certainly yes you can do that by just giving 1 hour of your life everyday for next 5 years.

You can not only become software developer but you can become anything. Possibilities are limitless.

365 Days X 5 Years X 1 Hour = 1825 Hours Total

Believe me 1825 hours is more than enough to master any skill, but most of the people ignore the value of time which is a sad fact.

There are people who are spending more than 1 hours on NetFlix or Youtube but they don’t have time to change their life. If you are saying the you don’t have even 1 hour everyday to change your life then you are making an excuse.

Do remember this is the reason why not everyone is successful because not everyone has priorities or do they realize the value of time.

To become successful in any field you need to put constant effort and this small constant effort adds up to become a gaint effort over the years.

One more thing you need to remember is that you are never going to get rich or get what you want over night. Success is the result of daily struggle and effort.

Even you don’t have 1 hour everyday you can put 30 minutes per day for next five years.

That is total 912.5 hours which is also a good amount of effort.

You achieve these great things in life you don’t need to quit you current job or you don’t need to leave what ever you are doing just keep doing and along with these keep 1 hours separate for your life changing task.