Even in ancient times, people have discovered the unique properties of some stones – metal charms. In our time, we often come across properties that acquire these properties. What is a magnet?  What are the major differences between the electromagnet and permanent magnet?  We will discuss it in this article.

This material has a certain degree of magnetization. This ability arises from the fact that magnet molecules have their spheres and do not rotate as many other substances do, but strictly in two directions. This contrast has the properties of attraction and repulsion of metal objects. If you try to connect magnets with the same pole, you may feel rejected. The opposite sides will, in turn, attract each other. This is due to the direction in which the magnetic field waves increase. It is worth noting that no part of the magnet can be unipolar. When it breaks, the molecules in each fragment have their north and south poles again.

Types of magnets

What are magnets and what are their differences? The work of many electrical devices, sensors, home appliances depends on the type of magnets that are present in them. Each has its characteristics depending on the scope of use they perform certain tasks. The main types are electromagnets, permanent and temporary magnets. It is suitable to understand each species in detail.

A permanent magnet is a material capable of maintaining magnetization for a long time. Its molecules move in a continuous direction and create a magnetic field in the absence of electric current. It is also called a natural magnet.

 Some of the examples of a temporary magnet are a paper clip, buttons, nails, knives, and other household items made of iron. Their power lies in the fact that they are attracted to a permanent magnet, and when the magnetic field disappears, They lose their wealth.

What is an electromagnet?

Electromagnetic fields can be controlled by electric current. How does this work?  Wires wrapped around an iron core, when feeding and changing the current value, changes the strength and polarization of the magnetic field

What is a permanent magnet?

Permanent magnets are made of steel.  Once the steel rod is magnetized, it is not easily demagnetized because the holding power of the steel is much higher than that of soft iron.

Use of permanent magnets

Permanent magnets are used in electric meters.

It is also used in dielectric, ammeter, and voltmeter.

Permanent magnets are also used in magnetic compass boxes.

This magnet is also used in DC motors and large generators.

They also use magnets in sound speakers.

Difference between Electromagnet and Permanent Magnet

ElectromagnetPermanent Magnet
It has a more powerful magnetic force.It has a less powerful magnetic force.
In this, the magnetic properties cease as soon as the current is closed.It maintains its magnetic properties for more days.
Its power can be increased by changing the number of turns in the horoscope.Its power remains fixed.
The electromagnet is made of soft iron.The permanent magnet is made of steel.
This only generates a magnetic field as long as the current flows in the coil, that is, it causes the magnetic field to be temporary.The magnetic field it produces is permanent.
The polarised ends of the electromagnet can be improved.The polarised ends of the permanent magnet cannot be improved.

Final Conclusion

We discussed what is a magnet and the differences between the electromagnet and a permanent magnet. I hope you would have liked it. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments, I will be happy to answer your question. Thank you.