Why we are born? How we can truly get that inner satisfaction and happiness? Where we actually belong to? Or what is the real purpose of life? These are the questions that we often think of many times and mostly no answer satisfies from inside. 

People keep themselves busy in routine work but still sometimes something hammers that something is missing in life. 

When a child is born and grew up, finds a job, and gets married, fulfills all the duties, retires, and suddenly feels is that enough? Was that the real purpose of my life and when you think deeply maybe you can feel disappointed due to the true purpose is still in the queue? 

Why you need a purpose in your life?

If you ask me, what is the meaning of life, I would say, live it, simply live it in a tremendous way because you don’t know when it will come to an end. 

For some people, the purpose of life can be their family and their responsibilities. They never think beyond that and just want their family and friends happy and healthy. 

For people who are spiritual and religious, their only purpose is to know or find themselves and at last, attaining Nirvana or Moksha. 

The purpose of life is different and unique for every person according to their desires and dreams. You can’t compare one with the other. 

For a poor person, earning some money to feed his family is his only purpose so he never cares about spiritual aspects or to know himself. 

The purposes can also change according to circumstances and fluctuations. 

How to know what is your purpose in life?

Every human being wants to stay happy, healthy, wealthy, and these three major features are related to our priorities and behavior that make us human beings. 


Richard Leider, who is a famous coach and an expert, shared his phenomenon regarding life, when a person is clear about his authentic purpose of life, he can share it with the whole world without changing his mind. 

John F. Kennedy once said, “Efforts and courage are nothing if you have no purpose and no direction in life”. 

Finding the purpose of life may sound a little philosophical question but it is quite practical as well because without any purpose or direction you may lose and feel depressed. 

Finding the ultimate happiness:

God has created every person in a unique way. Making loving and positive connections with people that are positive and make you feel happy and finding new destinations and friends open new dimensions in your life. 

Never follow the footsteps of others to attain pleasure or it will leave you unhappy and empty. 

Every person has a different journey and a goal. You can’t copy and paste other rules in your life. Don’t be a sheep and moron when you are born alone and have to die alone then find your chamber of happiness alone and inside. 

Help others and express yourself more. Always think positive and do positive because your thoughts decide your behavior and what type of personality you are. 

If you are still confused, then try new things that provide such happiness.

Meditation is the way that can help you through. You must remember that crowd never let you know who you are. 

Spare some time for yourself, close your eyes, and think about what you actually want in your life.  

Don’t stick with one purpose if you don’t feel fulfilled. Discovering new things can lead you in the right direction and connect yourself more with nature.