World’s first ever digital computer ENIAC developed by the USA in 1946 was a huge sprawl of valves and cables covering 1,720 square feet floor space, whereas the mainframe computer, ENIAC’s subsequent and more powerful avatar, was merely cabinet size. A still more powerful desktop computer which followed some years later occupied only a part of the office table, and desk-top in turn was succeeded by still smaller and portable laptop and tablet. Relentless miniaturization in the field of electronics has ushered in the era of wearable computer together with accessories such as camera, speaker, GPS and projector etc. One of the prime example of this wearable computer is Google glass. Now let’s go through the journey of evolution of computer from huge ENIAC to small sized wearable computers.

There are many contenders for the title of the first ever personal computer. However, it was Xerox PARC in 1973 that was responsible for creating perhaps the most innovative design in computer history- a personal computer as we recognized today. The Alto-named after the California Palo Alto research center (PARC) where it was created, was made up of a cabinet, containing 16-bit customer made processor and disk storage, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and even the first what-you-see is what-you-get graphical user interface windows and clickable icons. The alto was designed primarily for research and had to be compact enough to fit in an office but powerful enough to support a user interface while being able to share information between machines.

This let it to feature groundbreaking innovations that would not be common until decade later and would still be cutting edge in 1990s. These included an object oriented operating system and the first ever Ethernet networking cards. It also come with that most essential of research tools, a pinball game. The Alto is also believed to have inspired others, including Steve Jobs, Apple’s cofounder and his team was impressed with Alto’s sharp graphics and user interface.

Stephen Wozinak and Stephen Jobs founded Apple Computer Corporation. In 1976 after inspired by the design of Xerox’s PARC, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak start Apple Computers on April fool’s Day and roll out the Apple I, and according to Stanford University it was the first computer with a single-circuit board.

1977: Jobs and Wozniak incorporate Apple and show the Apple II at the first West Coast Computer Faire. It offers color graphics and incorporates an audio cassette drive for storage.

Computer innovation getting into the splendid. Prior to this, PC innovation principally in centralized servers and minicomputers regions of improvement, yet with the ultra-vast scale incorporated circuit and microchip innovation, PC innovation into the homes of standard individuals boundary layers have been surpassed. Particularly from INTEL discharged its chip for PCs after 8080, this will be the surging tide up, yet in addition the rise of an extensive number of shoreline goers the data age, for example, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and so forth., since they are PC industry advancement additionally assumes a critical part. In this period, the Internet innovation, interactive media innovation has additionally been a phenomenal advancement, the PC truly began to change individuals’ lives.

In 1981, main IBM PC, code-named “Acorn,” is presented. It utilizes Microsoft’s MS-DOS working framework. It has an Intel chip, two floppy plates and a discretionary shading screen.

Apple’s Lisa is the principal PC with a GUI. It additionally includes a drop-down menu and symbols. It flounders yet in the end develops into the Macintosh.

2001: Apple uncovers the Mac OS X working framework, which gives secured memory engineering and pre-emptive multi-entrusting, among different advantages. Not to be beaten, Microsoft takes off Windows XP, which has a fundamentally upgraded GUI.

2009: Microsoft launches Windows 7, which offers the ability to pin applications to the taskbar and advances in touch and handwriting recognition, among other features.

In 2012, the founders of Google finally held a promotional even to show the advancement they achieved in miniaturization of computer with their latest product google glasses. And they finally went for sell in 2014 at price of $300. With that mankind finally step into world of what we called today Augmented Reality and virtual reality that immersed us in world of 360 degree instead of just looking at boring rectangular screen.