How to get a Job as a Student in India

It can be quite difficult to get a decent job in India as a Student but believe me it is not possible, the most difficult part is where to find these jobs.

In India most people tend to hire full time workers but it’s not possible with Students because they are work as a Part time to make some money to fund their interest, hobby or studies.

India is a growing country and as day passes collage and tuition fee is getting costlier, now if you lack funds for your studies the only option left is to work for part time and at least make some money to ease your parents burden.

Even to get a job as a Student you need to have a proper mindset like a professional and if needed you must be ready to learn a new skill as per requirement.

Here are Top 5 Jobs you can find in India as a Student

  1. Tutor: Believe me or not but being a tutor as a Student is the best thing you can do because it may even help with your own studies along with the part time work. In India it is quite popular that Students of higher standards teach students of lower standard class and make money. You can even provide home tution option by going to the student house to teach him/her.
  2. Freelancing: There are many freelancing opportunities for Students and freshers online but it takes time to build your online portfolio. To pursue freelancing opportunities you can join any freelancing website or launch your own portfolio website and market it through social media. Freelancing is not a job it is a business, hence you will have to promote your business. Now a days there many freelancing opportunities available online like content writing jobs, Web Development, Graphics designer, social media editor, video producer and editor etc.
  3. Delivery Boy: This is the most toughest job for any student, but if you love riding bikes then this job is for you. You can as delivery boy part time and earn some money. Now a days many restaurants and business offer home delivery service and you can become a delivery man.
  4. Working in Restaurant: You can even work for part time in any restaurant in India and serve food to the people it all depends on your interest to work.
  5. Blogging & Vlogging: Blogging and vlogging is the most interesting job for any student. I would suggest Vlogging as it is more appealing to the audience now a days and it can make more money than writing content on a blog website.
  6. Tour Guide: A tour guide is a person who provides assistant and information about culture, history to tourists. To become a part time tour guide you must be living near tourist places like ancient forts, temple etc.
  7. Receptionist: Receptionist is a person who works at an office and is involved in administrative support work
  8. Library Assistant: Library Assistant is a person who works at a library and his task involves organizing books and assisting readers. Library assistant position is mostly open at university, collages, and schools.

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