1. Termites are great architects. A termite mounds a great example of insect architecture.
  2. Termites mounds can be of 6 feet in height and is strong and long lasting.
  3. They eat fungus that grows on mounds.
  4. Their mounds are extremely stable. These mounds can sometimes survive for hundreds or thousands of years.
  5. Termites construct their mounds using soil , water and their saliva.
  6. They are attracted to woods and construct their colonies near source of food e.g wood, dead trees.
  7. Termites eat anything that contains cellulose for e.g wood, paper, books, furniture etc.
  8. Termites shed their wings during mating. They grow wings to fly and start new colonies. These flying termites are called ‘swarmers’.
  9. Termites are social animals and live in colonies.
  10. Termites are good for soil, they break down dead plants and wood they are called decomposers.
  11. They eat each others poop in order to get gut bacteria that can help in their digestion. They digest cellulose with the help of that microorganism.
  12. They help in raising the young ones.
  13. Some of the worker and soldier termites are born blind only flying termites have eyesight to find a mate or new colony.
  14. Termite queens are bigger in size than worker termites and can live for even decades.