10 Facts about Mosquitoes

  1. There are around 3,500  types of Mosquitoes in the world.
  2. Sometimes mosquitoes can be dangerous because they carry germs (viruses and parasites) which can make you sick.
  3. Not all mosquitoes bite people but misquotes can bite day and night.
  4. Mosquitoes live for about 2-4 weeks and female mosquitoes live longer than males.
  5. Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood it is only female mosquitoes that bite people for blood in order to produce eggs for reproduction.
  6. Female mosquitoes need blood for the nourishment of her eggs but they eat nectar and plant sugar for their food. This is strange isn’t it, we thought they main food source is blood but that’s not the case they feed on blood only for protein for egg nourishment.
  7. While sucking blood mosquitoes stab two tubes one for injecting enzyme to the person’s body and another for sucking blood to their bodies. This same enzyme cases itching after mosquito bite.
  8. Mosquitoes need water to breed and if you clear the standing water around you, this way you can actually control their population.
  9. Mosquitoes carry deadly disease and viruses with them like yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile virus and Zika.
  10. Female misquotes lay eggs on the surface of the water, later these eggs hatch larvae which live in water.