10+ Facts about Lizards

  1. Lizards are part of large family of reptiles, they are more closely related to snakes.
  2. Most of the lizards have eyelids just like us. Some lizards like geckos can’t blink.
  3. Lizards use their tongue to catch scent particles in the air to find out the potential food or enemy.
  4. Lizards don’t have ear flaps like we have, they have a visible hole for ears near mouth. But they can’t hear better than us but their hearing capacity is much better than that of snakes.
  5. Most of the lizards shed their old skins in order to get the new skin.
  6. There are around 6000 species of Lizards around the world.
  7. Lizards live in deserts, marshland and forest area.
  8. Lizards are cold blooded animals so they can’t survive without sun light.
  9. Tail of Lizard is very weak, sometimes they are able to cut their tail without any damage. Eventually they can grow back their broken tail.
  10. Komodo dragon is also a lizard which is very dangerous to Humans. They can kill humans with just one bite. They are the biggest lizards.
  11. Many people keep Lizards as pets.
  12. Lizards can change their color.
  13. Lizards have microscopic hairs at the bottom of their feet which helps them to walk on wall and ceiling. 
  14. Most of the Lizards can swim.
  15. Lizards love eating insects and sometimes they can eat fruit and plants too.
  16. Most of the Lizards are not harmful but there are some that are poisonous and must be avoided. People keep lizards as pets as well.