A donkey is a helpful animal. It is a useful animal and used by humans as a working animal for over 5000 years. The young one is called “foal”, a male one is known as “jack” while a female one is called “jenny” or “jennet”. Now lets us learn some fun facts about this animal.

Some Interesting Facts about Donkey

Donkeys have long ears. This gives them two advantages, firstly they can have a better hearing capacity, and finally, they can use them as heat dissipation.

A donkey can produce a sound that is unique and known as braying.

They are very social animals. They like to travel in a group.

They are very stubborn animals. When they sense any danger they standstill on the ground unmovable rather than running.

Banana is donkeys one of the favorite food. They even eat banana peels.

These animals are clever. They have good memorizing power.

The gestation period of donkeys is very long. It is about 10 to 14 months.

They are strong animals. They can pull load weighing of their body weight.

In an estimate, there are about 41 million donkeys in this present time.

A donkey can live for 20 to 30 years.