The dormouse generally appears like a mouse but had fur rather than scaly, tails. These small rodents are of lengths between 6 to 19 cm weights of 15 to 180 g. These creatures are mostly found in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Lets us learn some fun facts about this creature.

Some Interesting Facts about Dormouse

Dormice are the animals of temperate climates. So during winter, they go for hibernation. They can sleep for 6 months in winter.

Their name resonates with their sleeping habit. In French “dormit” stands for sleep.

These creatures are very small in size. Some of them can even be smaller than our thumb.

These animals are great experts in climbing trees.

There are different types of dormice. About 29 different species of these animals are recorded so far.

Flowers are one of their favorite diets.

Dormouse lived on this earth for more than 30 million years.

They are active at night. The large eyes and whiskers help them to search for food even in the dark.

These animals are capable of producing sound for their communication. Some of these sounds are not audible to human ears.

The average lifespan of this creature is about 5 years.