Desert locust is of the Acrididae family. They are very similar to a short-horned grasshopper. They are very adaptive to environmental changes, which make them more dangerous. These insects are scattered throughout the world. They are mainly spotted in Africa although their existence is also located in some parts of Asia and Arab. Let’s learn some facts about desert locusts.

Some interesting facts about the desert locust

These insects generally move in a very large group. A group contains around 80 million of these insects.

They destroy every edible thing that comes in their part. A group of locusts can eat up to 423 million pounds of plants every day.

Cannibalism is found in this animal. When they ran out of food then they eat each other.

They have a very sharp saw-like jaw structure which lets them cut through leaps very easily.

Locust swamps are cover a long distance in one go.

They have a special layer on them which makes them waterproof. This protects them from any type of liquid poison.

In an estimate, 10 to 20 days are required for the locust eggs to hatch.

Heart cancer can be prevented by eating locusts.

More than 30 subspecies of the desert locust have been recorded to date.

A desert locust can live eight weeks on average.