10 facts about deer

The Deer is a joyous animal. It is fun to see a deer in its playtime. One can find them in the jungles of Asia, North America, and Europe. They are one of the popular animals of a jungle. Let us learn some fun facts deer about this animal.

Some interesting facts about deer 

Deer can have a very large vision angle. They can see up to 310 degrees. Additionally, they have very strong night vision.

They have a pretty impressive hearing ability.

They are very social animals. They generally move in a large group.

The gestation period of deer is about 180 days to 240 days.

The fawns do not have any smell. This makes them hide from predators.  

Among all the deer, reindeer is the only species that is domesticated by a human.

Deer cannot see orange color. So the hunters wear orange color suits while hunting them.

Antlers are present in all species of deer except in the Chinese water deer. This species has long canine teeth which can grow up to 8 cm long.

The deer at the young stage have a white spot on them which helps them to hide from the predators. When they grow these spots gradually disappear.

Deer’s are excellent swimmers and are capable of jumping up to a great height.