Dhole is an athletic animal. They have different names such as Asian wild dog, red dog, Whistling dog, and many more. A total of 11 subspecies of this animal is distributed in India, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, and java. Unfortunately, these animals now come under the list of endangered species. So, let us learn some fun facts about this animal.

Some interesting facts about Dhole

Dholes can be 22 to 24 pounds in weight and up to 4.6 feet in length. The male Dhole is larger than the female.

The far of this animal helps in camouflage. So these animals have their far color depending on their habitat. It can be reddish-brown, grey, or beige.

These animals are well known for their communication skill. They produce different types of sound for communication.

They move from place to place in a group. Each group consists of 8 to 12 members in general. The males in each group outnumber the females.

They are a very efficient swimmer. They can also do pretty impressive jumps. This animal can jump more than 7 feet.

Hoofed mammals are their favorite food. They are very strong hunters and can hunt animals 10 times larger than theirs.

The gestation period of this animal is 60 to 62 days. The mother is capable of giving birth to 8 pups at one go.

They can run very fast. They can accelerate their speed up to 45 kph.

A pack of dhole is very windy and dangerous. They have the power of killing a tiger or leopard.

The animal eats their food at a great speed. A full-grown Dhole can even eat 1 kg of meat just in 4 seconds.