10 facts about cockroach

Cockroaches are the most common insects in every household. These insects are omnivorous and feed on any available food. These insects do have wings but they are not fliers. Let us learn some fascinating facts about this insect.

Some interesting 10 facts about the cockroach 

There are about 4600 different species of cockroaches. Out of that, only 30 species can be located in human habitats.

It can be vaguely stated that they existed on earth before dinosaurs did. 

It is strange but true that this creature can survive even a week without its head. 

Since these insects are not a good flier so they can run at high speed.

These insects are well known for spreading disease. Asthma can be largely triggered by this insect.

This insect is master in holding breathe. In one go they can stay for 40 minutes without breathing.

A newly born cockroach can run as fast as their parents just in one day.

These insects are great at fasting. One month without food is not a big deal for them.

These insects are very lazy. They spent almost three- fourth of their life resting.

Since they are cold-blooded, they can survive cold as 33 degrees Fahrenheit.