Chickens are the most common domestic animals. They can found throughout the globe. According to a 2018 survey, the population of chicken was about 24 billion. Humans consume both flesh and eggs of chickens. Let us learn some fun facts about chickens.

Some interesting facts about chickens

Chickens are very playful and fun-loving animals. Some of them even take sunbathing. 

Chickens have a strong memory. They can distinguish more than 100 chickens of their species.

Chicken has strong visual power and can see UV radiation. They can also distinguish color.

Rapid Eye movement is common in the chicken. They are capable of dreaming just like humans.

Chickens are very socially active animals. They generally create a great bond among themselves.

Chickens have high cognitive skills. It is similar to those of dogs or cats.

Chickens have taste buds and can have a salty taste. There are no receptors for sweet taste.

Rooster stands for the male chicken while the female chicken is called a hen. Chick is the name of the young chicken.

The eggs that they lay are determined by their genetics.

The life span of a chicken is about 5 to 10 years.