Cicada is a very interesting insect. It has a distinctive set of eyes that are wide apart. Its body features also contain short antennae and front wings made up of membrane. Let us learn some fun facts about this insect.

Some interesting facts about cicada

Cicada is omnipresent. These insects can be found everywhere throughout the globe except Antarctica.

Cicada does not have jaws so they cannot eat or bite. So they sucking the fluid from the roots by their straw-like appendage.

These are very loud insects. Their sound can be up to 100 decibels. 

Excess fluid that they drank will come out in the form of pee. This is termed cicada rain or honeydew.

What do the cicada rhythms means is still unknown to scientists.

When cicadas come in contact with some parasitic fungi namely Ophiocordyceps, their body explode.

Humans occasionally like to these insects on their plates.

The wings of these insects have special features. They cannot be harmed by bacteria and are waterproof.

These insects come in a variety. More than 3000 species of this animal exist.

Cicada has the longest lifespan among insects. An average cicada can live up to 13 to 17 years straight.