Bumblebees are very interesting creatures. They are the fat and fuzzy fliers which exist in very small size. Their round bodies are covered with soft hairs which make them appear and feel fuzzy. There are many facts about this tiny creature. Some of the cool facts are listed below:-

Some interesting facts about bumblebees

The shapes of eggs of bumblebees are pretty peculiar. It lays eggs in the shape of sausages.

It can fly very fast since it has the ability to flip its wings about 200 times per second.

The group of bumblebees is smaller as compared to the other bees. So the size of its nest is smaller as compared to the other species.

The queen bee is responsible for the genetic information of the offspring.

These bees don’t even die when they sting others. the same bee can bite you twice.

It is awkward but true that these bees have smelly feet.

The bees collectively work to make their nests cool when it gets heated. They mainly do this by flipping their wings.

South Africa’s BOMBUS DAHLBOMII is the world’s largest bumblebee ever recorded.

Since the metabolism of a bumblebee is very strong so it has to eat continuously. A full stomach bumblebee can stay 40 minutes without having another meal.

A bumblebee can survive about 28 days on average.