The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures in the whole world. They are very vibrant in color and have a very swift motion. It gives pleasure to our eyes watching a butterfly traveling from one flower to another in the search of nectar. 

The butterfly is a very interesting creature and let’s learns some cool facts about the butterfly.

Some interesting facts about the butterfly

The wings of the butterfly are not opaque, it is fully transparent. You can see both sides through it.

These insects have strange ways of testing sense. They use their feet to test things.

The diet of this insect is all liquid. They do not take any solid food.

Butterflies have a strange habit of drinking from mud puddles.

Butterflies can only fly at their favorable temperature. If the temperature is cold then they can’t fly.

It takes time for the baby or newly butterfly to fly. They can’t fly as soon as they are born.

Their life span is not too long. They often live just for weeks.

The butterfly can see ultraviolet color which is not visible to the human eye. 

Butterfly generally uses camouflage to protect themselves from being eaten.

There are about 18,000 species of butterflies discovered till now.