What are resources?

Resources are anything that adds value to mankind in some way. Air, water, food, plants, animals, lakes, soil, metals, oxygen are all examples or resources.

There are two kinds of resources.

Renewable Resources – Resources that can be replenished  after their use e.g solar energy, wind energy.

Non Renewable Resources – Resources that can not be replenished after their use for a long time e.g coal, petrol etc.

Why do we need to manage our resources?

We need to manage our resources for the following reasons.

Resources are limited on earth – It means that resources on earth are limited and even though we are using it at a very fast pace it is not being re generated at that speed and some of non- renewable resources are not getting regenerated completely. We need to manage our resources for our future generations otherwise no resources will be left on earth for future use.

Proper management of resources will keep a check on misuse of resources and this will help resources to last for many generations to come.

Management of resources leads to equitable distribution of resources, which simply means that everybody will benefit from those resource utilization and it’s not just rich and powerful people.

Proper management of resources make sure that there is less damage to the environment. For e.g wood is a type of resource that is used to make furniture. Proper manager of wood resource can check the over cutting of trees in areas where there are less trees. Management of wood resource can make sure that people are cutting trees only in those ares where cutting trees will not affect the environment.