God created the world and he added extra years to the lifespan of many animals. How long do human being live? We exist for roughly 80 years. The credit goes to the sedentary lifestyle and pollution. We all wish to live a 100 years but it does not happen. Studies show that tribal people live longer than people living in cities. Why? The tribal people are not exposed to pollution and they eat healthy and natural food. Very few people get to blow more than 90 candles on this planet. There are animals, which live longer than human beings. Today, we are going to share the list of animals, which live longer than you. You will be amazed to know that some animals live more than 100 years. The human lifespan is decreasing due to several environment and lifestyle related factors. However, there are animals, which live for 130-150 years. Yes, it is an interesting fact. How do these animals live more than 100 years? What is the reason behind it? You will find all that and more through this article. Today is the day when you will find out about your favourite animals and why it lives for so long. The secret has been revealed here.

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Wildlife enthusiasts will be thrilled to read this article because we will cover the reason why some animals live for 100 years or more.


Animals That Live a Ridiculously Long Life

Red Sea Urchin – The scientists did not see any signs of ageing in the red sea urchins. They can live for 100 years or more. The scientists found out that these red urchins have the power to renew their tissues.

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Giant Tortoise – If you watched Finding Nemo, you would know that tortoises live for many years. The tortoise can live more than 100 years. What is the reason? Scientists believe that their hearts beats slower as compared to humans. They have a slow metabolism as well. This could be the reason for their lengthy life span. Sources tell us that the longest living tortoise lives in St. Helena. His name is Jonathan and he is 183 years old.

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Bowhead Whale – The bowhead whale has an interesting body structure. These whales can live up to 200 years. Wow! An elephant can get cancer but the bowhead does not go through any disease. They live in chilly waters and they are happy creatures, who have more number of candles on their birthday cake.

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Sponges – People forget that sponges are actually animals inside the sea. They have life and some of them live for more than 200 years. Yes! A study revealed that the sponges can live for more than 200 years. According to Aging Research Reviews, one sponge lived up to 11,000 years. It is miraculous!

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Jellyfish – Do not go by the looks of the jellyfish. It can live longer than you! The jellyfish does not grow old. It gets younger day by day. You will be fascinated to know that the jellyfish is capable of changing one cell to another cell. Even humans are capable of this. Jellyfishes are immortal.

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Clams – The ocean quahog is the fist-sized clam which can live up to 500 years. Scientists believe that the clam’s ability to protect its proteins from possible damage is the reason for its long life. If the scientists understand the mechanism, they will be able to treat age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The disease is caused by disturbances in the brain and damage to the protein in it.

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Koi Fish – The Koi Fish usually lives for 30 years but there are some Koi fishes, which have lived for 200 years. Unfortunately, the fishes get caught for exporting and importing purpose. These fishes can live really long in the natural conditions. The scientists can detect the age of the fish by checking their scales. A Koi fish in Japan died at the age of 226.

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Greenland Shark – The Greenland shark can live up to 200 years. Sources tell us that a shark lived for 400 years. These sharks have a slow growth rate. Since they grow slowly, they live longer. They reach the maturity stage at the age of 100. Human beings grow fast and the life span does not last for more than 80 years in today’s world.

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Final Verdict

According to West, lifespan is basically connected to the size of the animal. Studies show that the elephants live longer than the birds. Why? The science behind it is that the heart of larger animals beats slowly. Some animals have slow heartbeats which allow them to live longer. They use the energy efficiently which makes them live for more number of years. Hanako, the Koi Fish in Japan lived for 226 years. She was small and still lived for many years. How? She had the longest lifespan as compared to other fishes. The scientists used a light microscope to study her scales. Nobody knows what the reason behind her long life-span was but it could also be the love and care. The waters in Japan are crystal clear which could be the reason behind her good health. A sponge lived for 11,000 years! It is a miracle!

The African Forest elephant lives for 70 years and more. Giant tortoises can live for more than 150 years. However, the cats, dogs and rabbits have a short life span. Their heart beat is faster and their growth rate is also high. Imagine the science behind it! God created the world in such a clever way. He added more number of years in some animal’s lives. In today’s world, the animals are not able to live in peace because they are being killed for leisure. It is time to preserve the animals and see how old they can grow. It is amazing to see that they last more number of years than human beings. Human beings are not as lucky to have such a long life-span. We wish we could live for full 100 years!