The five R’s to save environment are as following:


There are many things that you don’t need yet you take it when someone offers you. Say No to things are not needed by you, do not buy products that can harm environment and people. In short Refuse things that are not needed.


Reduce means use less. You can save electricity by switching off light because indirectly electricity is produced by burning coal which adds to environment pollution. By using less resources you are actually saving the environment. Similarly you can save water, you can save food and you can save environment by reusing things in your daily life and buying new items every time.


Use products that you can reuse for example single use plastic bags are not reusable, instead of using poly bags you can carry your own bag to carry items and you can reuse your bag every time you go to the market. Reuse is better than recycle because to reuse there is no burden on environment where as to recycle a factory needs to operate to recycle things that again becomes a burden on our environment. Always try to re use as much as you can.


Repurpose means giving new purpose to things that are no longer being used for the original purpose. For example if you are no longer going to use cups or mugs for drinking water and tea respectively then you can use the same as a pot to plant small plants in them or you can use to decorate


Recycle comes to last step you no longer can reuse or repurpose then it’s time for recycle. Recycle simply means breaking down the elements of object and making a new item out of recycled materials.

You can segregate items like plastics, Iron, paper then sell these items to companies that recycle these items.