What types of crops are grown in India

There are three types of crops that are grown in India first kharif crop, second Rabi crop, third zaid crops

58% of India’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Agriculture in India is it to $265 billion dollars business. Every culture contributes around 17 to 18% of countrie’s GDP

In 20 and 16 agriculture and animal husbandry forestry fisheries accounted for about 15% of GDP and 31% of workforce was working in this industry Indian has the highest net cropped area followed by US and China. India has great potential in food processing business

Now coming back to the question what types of crops are grown in India so first let’s discuss about kharif crops

Kharif crop‘s are also called monsoon crops on auto crops are generally cultivated between June to November during monsoon season it may be given in me in some parts of India and the crop generally have a state is rice maiz ,cotton etc

The word kharif is an Arabic word and it means autumn in Arabic . This Arabic word started to be used in Indian due to Mughal Empire. kharif season starts properly in June and ens in October so these crops are sown in the beginning of first rains of the monsoon and harvested at the end of monsoon season that is October and November. Kharif crops are dependent on monsoon water. too much or too little can affect the crop yield.

Common kharif crops are as follows
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Now let’s talk about the Rabi crops , Rabi crops are grown in winter season and harvested in spring season . Rabi in Arabic means Spring and this word is used in Indian subcontinent due to Mughal Empire.

Rabi crops are sown in mid-November that is when the monsoon rains are over and our harvested in April – May .
Rabi crops depend on groundwater or irrigation facilities, good rain in winter can destroy the Rabi crops.

Common Rabi crop‘s are as follows.

Zaid crop
Zaid crops are summer season crops and these are mainly grown between March to June these crops require warm weather.
Zaid crops are grown between Rabi and kharif crops , the crops include watermelon muskmelon battleground pumpkin cucumber.

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