How to eat banana

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in India after the mangoes and it can be called as a king of fruits after mango.

This fruit is available around the world and it can be consumed raw or with other food items.

It’s not just ripen fruit of banana but banana is also used as a vegetable curry and banana chips are also very famous in India.

Banana is commonly used as a breakfast and people going for gym consume banana. Bananas can be consumed with milk , peanut butter , honey etc.

The scientific name of banana is Musa, banana is nutritious and it is even called as a superfood it is good for health for our children there are many nutritional benefits of banana. one banana contains 110 cal , 0 g of fat, 1 g of protein , 28 g carbohydrate , 15 g sugar , 3 g fiver and 450 µg potassium.

Do not refrigerate the banana store it at the room temperature and away from direct sunlight and to speed up the ripening process keep it close to a ripen fruit because it emits ethylene gas and it causes ripening.

Banana is rich source of carbs fibre and potassium banana is also good for your stomach.

Now coming back to the question how to eat banana , so banana can be eaten raw and also when it turns yellow.
You can eat banana with milk , you can also eat banana with peanut butter and if you want to enjoy with honey then cut the slices of banana and mix it with honey and you can now enjoy.

method one how to eat banana
By a ripe banana then peel the banana now remove all the strings and you are now good to go you can now it that banana.

Method to how to eat banana
Cut the slices of banana and mix it with milk or yogurt now you can blend it and make a smoothie, you can also put peanut butter in your smoothie blend well until all the ingredients are mixed properly and pour in the glass and here you go , now you can serve.