How to take risks in life to achieve major life goals



A risk is something which is inbuilt in human beings. If it weren’t that, we wouldn’t have come to the lane in which we exist today.

Our ancestral human beings took the risk of rubbing two stones together and this lead to the invention of fire which has now become a common factor.

This precious point lead to the door of immense opportunities and possibilities, it makes us fearless, it develops us and it makes unknowingly, into the person we want to be.

Everyone has a goal in life, but simply having a goal is not enough, you should have the courage to pursue it.

Risk and goals

A Frog in the well will never know what’s out there until and unless he has the courage and takes the risk to come out of the well.

The same implies to a man. If he is learning well and doing everything that he is supposed to do but is not taking a risk, then what is the use of all the learning and pursuing?

Nobody is going to push you to take a risk, you will take a risk when you really want it.

People are afraid of taking risks because hindrances might occur to them, the hindrance is something which is bound to happen when one takes a risk but the real challenge here is to have the ability to turn that hindrance into immense advantage and creation.

All the famous inventors, scientists, writers and businessman took the risk of taking a risk because they had faith in themselves, not only to succeed but also to face something which might be beyond their wildest dreams.

Some of the many famous personalities like J.K Rowling, Bill Gates, Beyonce, Vera Wang, Sylvester Stallone and Elon Musk took a risk and succeeded in their fields.

J.K Rowling

The struggles and successes of J.K Rowling are something to be thought about. Her first novel which was then called “Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone” saw many rude faces of rejection because nobody believed in magic and thought it to be something which involved sorcery, black magic and unfit for a children’s novel. She took the risk of sticking on to something she had faith in and that eventually paid off.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s movie is an inspirational one because he believed in himself. He wrote the script of the movie “ROCKY” and didn’t let go of that script until and unless he was acting as the main lead. This is what you need to do! To believe and climb the rock of utmost faith and possibilities.

Now the most important part in a risk is how to take a risk.

When you are excellent in something, you will know what are the pros and cons or the Nay and Aye of it. And when you decide to do something courageous, make sure to jot down all the points which might be disadvantageous if a risk is taken.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of taking a risk and if you feel confident that it will make you walk a step further to your goals then it is well and good.

Taking Risk

The beauty of it is that there is a hidden gem of success in it. You just have to believe in yourself. When taking a risk from the business point of view, you never know what fruit it might give you, have a little space of selflessness.

But don’t underestimate the power of pursuing something beyond your comfort level. It may take you to unimaginable heights but can also shatter you to to the similar depths, so be careful while taking a risk.

For example, In the morning, a bird goes in search of food with an empty belly but returns with a stomach full because it had faith in himself and also not being scared to do something and a bird is similar to a human being i.e if you want to taste the spice of success and goals then being in a stagnant position will do no good to you, I say that take a risk, it is an inbuilt human tendency to take a risk.

Now to diversify the point about how to take risks in life to achieve major life goals, it is to be noted that, it also depends on which career you are well versed in. We can take inspiration from the persons who took risks in their diversified careers.

1) If you are in the business track then painting with an unknown color requires a lot of experience, research and also a know-how of the business world and the marketplace, then only you can be assured that you will have a good profit for your business.

2)From an artist’s point of view, he might take an unknown step into an unknown alley to experiment with a new perspective because an artist’s mind is a vast book of unexpected spontaneity, he might do anything he wants in his field. So a risk taken by artists will result in creation and invention of a masterpiece which will make him achieve his goals. So take a risk in something which you believe.

3) To take inspiration of how to take a risk and achieve your major goal in life, the best example I can give is that of inventors and scientists, who spilled some new chemicals into the old ones or thought of something bizarre and became successful in proving the theory. It is only because of their ability to take a challenge that we have access to things and are able to live life in a comfortable way. If they wouldn’t have had the courage to do it and conquer their fear then they wouldn’t have been able to invent things which have highly benefited for us and also the social and economic life.

4) Movie directors also take the opportunity to throw the dart in a crossed way by making a movie, they might not know if the movie will be a huge hit at the box office or not, they might also produce a movie with a low budget, but yet they are taking a risk on the basis of faith, knowledge, and experience. It also depends on what type of movies public likes and also how good the actor has done his acting.

5) A very high amount of risk taken by a person in his entire life is in the student life. A student has to go through a lot of things, the decisions which he will take will become the career for his entire life or the person into which he will become. A student will have to be very careful while taking a risk, he should not depend on the society to pursue something or he should not take a dip into the same river which others are taking. He should take a walk into a different world in which he believes and also in which he is confident about.

The common notion is that a person might be a skeptic or fearful to take a risk. This is the very reason that many people are afraid to do it.

I say that don’t be, it is in our blood to take a risk. For example, from a scale of 1 to 10, a mother undergoes the physical pain which can be placed on number 9, so don’t you think that a woman is taking the biggest risk of her life? And even though having a knowledge about it, she still undergoes it. She undergoes the risk and the pain fearlessly and painfully.

The famous Albert Einstein quoted in a very inspirational way that ” A person who has not taken a risk has not tried anything in his life”

About this quote, I would like to say that, without opening your eyes, you cannot try anything. If you are not bravely doing it, you are missing something very important in your life. And this absence will make you utter the world “I wish”. I wish I would have done this, I wish I would have done that and it will make you frown your entire life, but the positive glitch to this point is the quote ” It is never too late for anything, i.e. to pursue anything or to jump into the leap of faith”. Now you are having a full-fledged knowledge about the pros and cons , how to take risks in different careers and what will be the outcome of it.

But still, the practical approach of it can be very unpredictable.

You never know what incident might strike or what plan can lead you where or what risk can lead you where. But all you need is to have courage and perseverance in your life.

All I am trying to say again and again is that without a little prick you wouldn’t exist, the main motive of life would have been stagnant.

So take a risk, no matter what and achieve your goals in life.