Smartphone Data Recovery softwares

There happens a situation several times that the important data and collection from the smartphones gets lost. Smartphone Data Recovery software is the software that can recover deleted data from mobile devices. They can recover and restore whats app messages, calls, sms, contacts, photos, etc.



Wondershare Dr.Fone Software:

Wondershare dr.fone for android for is software that lets the recovery of your files securely to avoid any unintentional file harms. It is able to recover photos and whats app messages of your smart phone.

Main Features:
1. It can recover deleted whats app messages, deleted sms text messages and contacts.
2. It can recover photos and video lost while deleting, restoring factory settings, rooting, etc., from sd cards in your smartphone devices.
3. It can only read and recover the data, no specific info leaking.

Wondershare Dr. phone for android is a decent option, forerunner in its type, to those who have lost deliberately or else files in their smartphone device. It stands out for many causes, and not needing much configuration in order to run easily.
-It is instinctive and easy-to-use.
-It can be used to restore and back up smartphone data.
-It can support any kind of android device.
-It can recover data irrespective of the cause the data was lost.
-It requires enabling the usb debugging mode on your smart phone.




DDR Data Recovery Software:

If you lose videos, music files, graphic files, instant messages, emails and much more, the DDR data recovery software will help you to recover it. With only one click, it begins searching for the lost data and provides you a list that you are required to verify. After you complete your selection, the files gets added back to your phone. Your files search can too be optimized with options like video, basic, deep, signature, and photo searches before restoration.

Main Features:
1. Recovers lost data from different kinds of android devices
2. Supports data recovery of every types of missing files
3. Restores data in different data loss incidence
4. Operates on all types of android devices
5. Provides a better user friendly GUI

-Recover data from hard disk, media cards, flash drive, camcorders etc.
-Save recovered files at definite location on the system.
-It is economical, reliable and safe data recovery software.
-Friendly GUI aids to easily understand file undelete program.
-Its require enabling of usb debugging mode on the smartphone.




Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery Software:

If you have encountered damage to your smart phone or tablet and finished up deleting files you did not want to erase, this software can be a good help. It assures to attempt to recover data from devices that were damaged (like with water), and also files that were deleted unintentionally.

Due to being software that recovers files that have already been deleted, you must keep in mind that its effectiveness is not always guaranteed. In many circumstances, the documents might not be saved, whether for being much impaired or for having already been substituted by other data on the device. The quicker you follow the process, the greater your probabilities of a positive outcome.

It is able to recover photos and whats app messages of your smart phone. For purpose of data recovery by this software connect the device to a computer by usb cable, approve access of the software and select the types of data you need to recover. After a stroke, the software shows everything accessible and you can choose what you want to save once more on the device.

Main Features:
1. It can restore and recover deleted whats app messages, deleted text messages, contacts, call data of history from smart phones or tablets and sd cards.
2. It can recover deleted photos, music, videos and doc files on smart phones or tablets and also sd cards.
3. It saves your android data from incorrect deletion, water harm, etc.
4. The modest, fastest and harmless android data recovery software ever.

-Interface with instinctive step by step.
-Recovers corrupted, lost, and erased files.
-It may not be operative in every case.




EaseUS MobiSaver Software:

EaseUS MobiSaver for smart phone is software capable of recovering misplaced and deleted data from your smartphone. It can recover photos and whats app messages of your smart phone. It was particularly designed so that you may recover whats app messages, call log history, contacts, photos and videos of every kind.
Irrespective the cause: accidental prohibiting, default setting reinstatement, rooting, or any such problem. EaseUS MobiSaver for smart phone will sweep your device in find of your lost files to re-establish them.

Main Features:
1. It can completely recover numerous files like whats app messages, SMS, contacts, photos from your smartphone devices.
2. It can work for numerous android devices and android os.
3. It can able to preview and export lost information and data with preference formats.
4. It is safe, consistent and user-approachable smart phone data recovery software.

-It is simple to use
-It can work for all android os;
-It can preview all the recoverable data prior to recovery.
-The unregistered version does not permit for recovering any kind of file.




Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover for smart phones is an application adept of recovering files lost due to accidental deletion for your smart phone. It can restore deleted photos and whats app messages. Apart from this, it restores data after an sd card format, like music, photos and videos.
The application confirms both the internal and external memory of the device, recognising deleted or lost files, containing package files from android, and recovering them for the use.
With Remo Recover for smart phone you can preview all the recoverable files prior to significant which ones to save. The entire process is done in a fast and efficient manner, and is completely secure.

Main Features:
1. It can recover files lost by accidental deletion.
2. It can restore data after accidental format of sd card.
3. It can recover android application package files along with additional music, video and image files.

-It can effortlessly organize recoverable files by their categories.
-It can protect the recovery session to prevent rescanning.

-Its scanning speediness is low.