What is happiness to you? You know it, right?
You, for sure, consider it to be something exactly contradictory of what desolation or sorrow is.
Well, every sane human considers happiness the same.
But have you ever comprehended or put your thoughts into the fact that ‘HAPPINESS IS NOTHING WITHOUT ITS CONTRARY: PAIN’?
There is this principle yet less known saying that,

“What happiness and contentment is,
you’ll never realize without going through pain”.
The upcoming statement can possibly be one of the most bizarre notions you’ll ever get to hear or to read, for that matter, that
– “Pain & Sorrow is that integral part of anyone’s life which is as mandatory and requisite as happiness is”.
Life comes into its rational existence only then when these two (pain and happiness) form an alliance. Life is nothing but an amalgamation of happiness and sadness. It is incomplete with even one missing, with sadness being equally vital.

Life is so unfair (for you now) that it even begins with tears, with the baby crying and lamenting.
Life begins with pain itself, what better explanation can be given beyond this example.
Happiness has never been perpetual in anyone’s life. Neither will it be. Every single person, be it the owner of any castle or a leader of a country or a person with uncountable bucks, they all find themselves stuck in the swamp of sorrows and that too quite repeatedly at a very constant pace.

Does that mean one should let himself simply drown in that unfortunate yet requisite swamp?
The answer is obvious: Of course not.
To dig deeper, there’s another answer to it.
One shouldn’t at any given cost, drown in that swamp neither should he call out for help at stage 1.
Coming out from swamp back into the topic of life in relation to pain, there is one crucial thing to be learned by all. The crucial theory is that no one on this planet should very simply and conveniently use an extrinsic help like a staircase to jump out of the pothole of pains. And this is because -convenience it never the key. It does nothing but makes you all cozy and comfy and this world is not for the comfortable ones. It is for the warriors and fighters who keep enough guts in themselves to fight the evil.

‘Extrinsic help’ indicates towards the advice that comes from the people around you, your friends, family, colleague or anyone for that matter. As soon as you associate your loved ones in your problem, they make sure you dodge that problem immediately, as soon as possible. But there, right there is the problem itself – YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DODGE A PROBLEM. ‘Cause if you do then you miss a big time opportunity of learning a lesson of life. Lesson won’t be learned then rather excuses will be learned. And for one to become stronger and independent, excuses are required to be kept aside. The strength develops from within only and only if you find solutions to your matters all by yourself.

While trying to find a solution of how to not drown and come out of the swamp safe, you might get bruises on your skin but remember, those bruises you’ll get; will fade in someday. But the life lesson you get to learn will remain until the last day. Your bruises may hurt a little and cause some pain but the worth of that pain will be realized later. It’ll be realized when you’ll be smiling one day out of the blue, remembering how you encountered pain and yet saved your life.

The scars, the temporary pain heals in a few weeks but the tendency of looking for help and dodge the pothole of pain lasts forever. And this is what prevents one from growing positively in their life. It makes a person what they call ‘FRAGILE’ and this world is very harsh for letting a fragile live a happy life.
The only well-known fact is that there is no place for a fragile soul in this world. They’ll keep crushing you and in one take, you’ll break into pieces; only because you did not let ‘pain’ teach you life lessons.

The entire world is in a saddening habit of discussing their pains with their closed ones. To some extent, it surely helps. If nothing then it at least lightens the heart. But what if it does not help? Then you have your thousands of people standing there, waiting for you –to do nothing but ‘advice’ you, with each being poles apart. And the most you fall for is the one which tells you to snub or ignore the pain part and concentrates on coming out of the problem anyhow. People save you from pain. Not because they don’t want you to grow in life but because they can’t see you getting hurt. But deep down the line, they don’t understand how wrong they are doing.

It is nobody’s fault because the game of emotions and sentiments is just like that. It feels bad for a sane person to see the other getting hurt. But the value of bearing the pain is even beyond the value of a diamond. Bearing pain grows you for better, for this bitter planet.
At the end, it is you who needs to use their brains.
Your taste bud would never value the sweetness of a pie until and unless it has tasted something as bitter as a lemon. And then you crave for a pie, right?
Goes the same way in case of life. You develop cravings for happiness and to achieve the same, you begin fighting the pain and not simply pass by it. When you know how it feels to bear the pain, only then would you decide to fight for satisfaction in life, only then would anybody work hard.

P.S. Save yourself from advice but not pain.
Save yourself from ignoring but believe in fighting.
And, look! Happiness is waving at you. Say Hi.