List of Nocturnal Animals in India

The world is a beautiful place, and animals constitute a significant part of this world. Nocturnal animals are found abundantly in the world, and they are an amazing gift of mother nature. Nocturnal essentially means animals hunt at night for food and rest when the sun is up. Let us check out some of the many amazing nocturnal animals that can be found in India!

Eyelash Viper

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This is a nocturnal snake that is very venomous too. However, they can be considered one of the most beautiful looking snakes because they are found in different colors like red, yellow, brown and green.


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The mouse has poor eyesight, and they are super active at night. They use their sense of smell and hearing to locate food at night. In fact, hamsters are also nocturnal animals because they belong to the same family as the mouse. So, you must actually play with your hamster at night and let them relax during the day.


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Raccoons are another one of those nocturnal animals that are very popular in India. You will definitely adore these animals because they are expert robbers. They have fantastic night vision and hence, can steal things without anyone knowing about it. Also, just like humans, they are omnivores and eat almost anything.


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Scorpions usually appear at night, and they are hiding inside comfortable holes during the day. You will seldom find a scorpion moving around during the day. The primary reason for it is that they are very nocturnal.


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Bats are one of the first animals that come to mind when we think about nocturnal animals. They have excellent night vision and come to life during the nighttime. They are also pretty endemic to India and are found in abundance in the country.


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To everybody’s surprise, cats are nocturnal too! Wildcats are known to do their hunting at night, and they usually rest during the day time. It is true for the domesticated cats too. However, lifestyle change modifies their behavior. If you notice your house cat, they will usually be lazy and try to sleep during the day and become active as everyone stars to fall asleep at night and the house becomes silent. So, yes! Your cats are primarily nocturnal.


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Cockroaches are other nocturnal animals that are found abundantly in homes. They have really poor eyesight but can still somehow know when it is day and when it is night. Cockroaches usually rest during the day and eat stolen food at night.


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Owls are totally adapted for the nightlife. Their eyes have wide eyes that are disproportional if you compare it to their skull. It helps them see better at night.


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Fireflies are absolutely nocturnal, and they look beautiful at night. Therefore, you don’t see them often during the day. They are stunning creatures with green, pale red or yellow color reflecting from their abdomen. This light is reflected in the special enzymes that create a special chemical reaction. This reflection happens as a result of bioluminescence, and you can see this phenomenon in fireflies even in a period when they are larvae.


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You might have hamsters at home and might love playing with them all day long. But they belong to the mouse and rat family, so they are very nocturnal. You will not come across wild hamsters during the day because they hide from their predators in the ground. They also have poor eyesight, but a great sense of smell helps them compensate it.

Final Words

And there you go! These are the top 10 nocturnal beauties you can find in India.


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