As being an Indian you can’t deny a dessert. Desserts are the part of every cuisine and in India; we start and finish our meal with a super sweet delicious dessert.  

You will find hundreds of staple dessert items in different parts of India even God’s places like temples Gurudwaras also provide some dessert as Prashad.

Here we are presenting some popular Indian desserts, let’s see these mouthwatering dishes:-

Gulab Jamun

Prepared with Khoya added some milk powder this round-shaped delighted dessert is the gem in Indian dessert list.

After frying Khoya balls in some hot Ghee or oil, they dip in the sugar syrup added some saffron and cardamom powder. You can easily make gulab jamun at home and serve hot and they will melt in the mouth and taste yummy.   


This Bengali dessert is popular in all over India prepared with cottage cheese, sugar, saffron. This mouth-watering dish tastes sweet, soft, and juicy.

People love to make Sandesh Mishti during occasions at their home and there are various methods for preparing this dessert.

Payasam or Kheer

In the South, they called it Payasam and on the North side, we say it Kheer, and the preparation method and taste both are the same.

Kheer or Payasam is made with rice, milk, sugar, cardamom, and saffron and they cook rice with milk until the texture becomes creamy and thick and then mix sugar and some dry fruits.  


You may have heard about Modak a couple of times especially during Ganesha Utsav in India.

These dumpling-sized Modak prepared with sweet rice flour with some stuffing includes jaggery, dry fruits, grated coconut, saffron, cardamom, and some nutmeg powder for enhancing the taste and then put in the steamer for a while.  


Jalebi or also called Zulbia is one of the famous street desserts and quite popular in India and you will see this at dominant sweet stores and corners.

Jalebi prepared with flour batter and they fry this in a round shape until gets golden brown and crunchy and then dip in the sugar syrup.

At some places, you can also get some rabdi with jalebi and you must believe both are super yummy and delicious.   

Kaju Burfi

Kaju or cashew nuts dessert is also a popular item in India and quite an expensive one as well and also known as Kaju Katli.

Prepared with cashews, milk, milk powder, sugar, and some cardamom powder and then they apply some silver vurq for making it a royal dessert.  

When you take a bite of this sweet dish, you can taste the crunch of cashews, the nice aroma of cardamom, and milk. People love to gift this sweet on occasion.

Gajar Halwa

The famous dessert of winters and very delicious in the taste known as gajar halwa, gajrela, gajar pak prepared with grated fresh carrots, ghee, khoya, dry fruits, sugar, milk, etc.

It takes a little effort while making this but the results are outstanding. It served hot and you can also find this in Indian weddings as a signature dessert.    


Kulfi or Kulfa is also a prominent dessert in India that served chilled and prepared chilled as well. You need to reduce the milk until it gets thick and creamy then add some dry fruits, sugar, cardamom powder, or some saffron and put in the fridge.

It is served chilled so best for summers and you can get this at any Indian sweet shop.  


Ghevar is not only popular in Rajasthan but also in all over India. Prepared with refining flour in a tricky method they fry it in hot piping oil and dip in the sugar syrup.

After frying and cooling down, they apply rabdi or also say thicken milk or condensed milk and this delicate yummy dessert is prepared for increasing the dignity of your meal.   


This ball-shaped tiny white Rasgullas are too sweet and juicy and prepared with Chenna and some semolina or suji.

Rasgulla or Rosogolla are famous all over India and you can have them in fresh form or also available in canned boxes. This dessert is served chill and you have to squeeze a little and directly put in the mouth and you will taste cottage cheese and other flavors.