Life is hard and restarting your life is even harder but you must remember one thing that after every night there will be a day and that day won’t be same as your present day. It will be better and far more better, hard times pass just like good times pass. Nothing is permanent in this world everything is constantly changing. If you are sad today you will be happy tomorrow. Bad times will also pass.

To restart your life you need to do the following.

Believe in God

You must believe in God because for every creation there is a creator. Nothing in this universe is self made. There is a God and he is watching us all. Have faith in God that everything will be okay one day and try to get his blessings. Believing in God will open a new chapter in your life and you will thing about the creator and his creations more often. Read Bhagwat Geeta to understand who is God and why he is there. Does God come to earth. It has all the answers you are looking for.

Believe in Karma

Karma means your actions. You must believe in your Karma, a good Karma will bring a good result and a bad Karma will bring a bad result. You must carefully look at your Karma and try to perform your karma and duties for this world honestly.

Keep Hope

Never loose hope because it’s hope that is making everyone hope about the tomorrow every is planning to do something tomorrow because they are hopeful that they will be alive tomorrow. Never ever loose hope in any case because that what will make you keep going in hard times.

Pain is temporary

If you think pain is permanent in this world then you are wrong. Everything is temporary in this world even pain is temporary , happiness is temporary. You will experience happiness after pain and pain after happiness that’s what life is. One day your pain will pass and you will be happy again but don’t be affected by happiness or pain. Try to be neutral that’s what Geeta says.

Wait for Good Time

Good times are hard but believe me they come. Good times will come again so just relax and wait for those good old days.

Restarting your life can be difficult but believe me it’s not impossible because many people have successfully done it