Modern time is an era of technology. Tesla autopilots are very helpful in the reduction of accident ratio nearby 50%. Tesla autopilot has autonomous features. It is a driver-less technology.

Tesla autopilot works with the sensor system. It has auto-steering system that controls the steering wheel. A car is internally covered by the many sensors in Tesla autopilot. This system includes a camera, radar, GPS, Ultrasonic Sonar, auto-brakes, and other sensors.

These all help to move the car automatically. These sensors have the capacity to sense every movement surrounding 16 feet distance from car. Tesla autopilot system has one more quality of self car parking in a parallel position and perpendicular position.

Tesla autopilot system is useful only when a car runs on the highway because roads and streets of cities are heavily rushed.

How to activate the autopilot?

If we want a car to move it then first of all, we have to activate autopilot mode.

For activation just pull the stalk twice. After activation car will be able to change lanes, auto-breaking controls speed and other activities.

About the camera:

The forward facing camera is just like the eye of the car and it is set on the windshield. All system is computerized and the camera works automatically to see traffic ahead of the car.


The radar of Tesla autopilot has the capacity to look forward about 500 feet away from the car. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla autopilot said that radar can see through the sand, rain, and fog. Radar also helps to detect traffic around the car.

Ultrasonic Sonar:

The ultrasonic sonar helps to observe some objects near the car like animals, children, barriers, etc. It will be also helpful when it’s very dark or less lighting on the road.


As you all know about it very well. GPS or Global Positioning System helps to locate the car on anywhere. It is also a navigation system.

Cruise control system:

Tesla autopilot has advance software of driver-less technology. Cameras, radars and all sensors of this system adjust the car speed according to the traffic. Tesla system also examines the position of other vehicles around the car and manages every activity needed on the highway. 

About Tesla autopilot

Here we want you to know about the Tesla Autopilot from the beginning. 

Mr. Elon Musk is known as the founder of Tesla Autopilot System.

In October 2014, two types of Tesla models released, these are the initial versions- Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

In October 2015, the new version of Tesla was announced that is called Tesla 7.0.

After that, Elon Musk released a new version of Tesla autopilot in august 2016, it is Tesla autopilot 8.0. Later in the year 2016 a model 8.1 also announced as an enhanced model and extra features. It has more convenient and advanced technical features.

Nowadays many drivers are using Tesla autopilot system on highways. It prevents to stick behind the slow speed vehicles and makes our travel easy and fast. Auto steering system controls the steering wheel itself and it also has a lane-changing system so car changes lanes without the help of a driver.

Here you must notice that Tesla autopilot system wouldn’t work when it is not enabled and signs of roads are unclear. It doesn’t work perfectly in the residential area and urban streets. 

In some situations, driver must pay attention to the car. 

There is an awesome quality in it that if the autopilot system is unable in self-controlling and the driver doesn’t take it under control then it gives audible and visual indications to the drivers. Drivers must be aware, if he is careless and couldn’t get alerts then it can cause an accident.