If you are using a laptop, iPod, a mobile, or an Mp3 player or a PDAs then you must know that these all devices include lithium-ion battery with rechargeable advantage. These batteries efficiently work well and provide power to our gadgets that runs for a long time.    

Nowadays it is breaking news that lithium-ion batteries extremely burst and injured people that is a minus point of the batteries but it happens twice or thrice into millions of cases.

We would surely credit the person for discovering the lithium ion concept and his name was Gilbert Lewis and these batteries are popular since 1991. Now we must understand the concept that how lithium-ion battery works and they are so much powerful and energetic so let’s have a closer look at that:-

The working procedure of lithium-ion batteries:

Like any other ordinary battery lithium-ion battery also contains multiple power-building boxes that are known as cells. Each cell has three modules one is a negative electrode, second is, a positive electrode and the third one is, an electrolyte that is a chemical present between negative and positive electrode. It is also called separator.

The positive part is made off lithium-ion phosphate or lithium cobalt oxide and the negative part is made of carbon.        

When the batteries set up for charging the positive part gives some electrodes to the negative part that floats through the electrolytes.

The battery store up this energy and lithium is a powerful component that can store power for a long time.   

When the battery gets discharged, the lithium-ion moves through lithium cobalt oxide from carbon.

Each cell of lithium battery generates 3.7 volts and this is quite powerful that is also needed to charge the batteries fast.

Sometimes your device or gadget becomes hot during charging, in that case, you must avoid the start the devices or there can be a short circuit or severe damage can happen.

The movements of lithium-ion batteries are connected with each other if one movement stops working the other will automatically stop. That’s why whenever you switch off the phone the electrons stops and instantly the ions stop as well.

Benefits of lithium-ion batteries:

The lithium-ion batters are light-weighted and many efficient batteries and they are less harmful for our environment.

These batteries are far better that those old nickel-metal batteries that were very heavy.

Lithium-ion batteries never suffer from memory effect means whenever you lose charging you can easily charge them up.      

These batteries can face numbers of charging and discharging periods without any extra damage and they work for a long time.

Disadvantages of lithium-ion battery:

It has been seen is some cases that lithium-ion batteries can work better for 3 to 4 years and after that, they start losing their power storing ability.

These batteries are very sensitive to heat and can burst into flame that is one of the most dangerous parts of lithium-ion batteries.

If you leave this battery uncharged for a long time then it can be ruined properly and you will have to buy a new one.


Lithium-ion batteries have been used in various field and they have transformed the technology by providing a long-lasting battery back-up to our devices. Like any other technology it has also pros and cons and there are many researches are under revision to reduce the negative effects of lithium-ion batteries.

Try to avoid excess charging of batteries and whenever you feel that device is hot due to batteries leave it for some time and let it cool down and use your gadget.   We hope now you understand how these batteries used and how they work.