How self-balancing bike works?

In Short

Traditionally we use gyroscope for self balancing but here Honda’s “Riding Assist” technology does not depend on gyroscopes for balancing. It, as an alternative, uses tech resultant from the balancing schemes in its Asimo robot.



The 21st Century is really a terrific phase of technology. It has undoubtedly survived its high-tech hysteria. Now, we possess some damn cool implements and gadgets, which are all-set to rule the world. Futuristic and modern revolution has taken the daily shuttle into our up-to-the-minute phase of life. The latest technology enables you to stroll in the world with style without flouting a drop of sweat.

With the whole kit and caboodle, the revolution in motorcycle engineering is taking the world by storm. While there are men who love the chancy and dicey attitude of the sport; you will meet the ones who just cannot contest progress that lead in the direction of innocuous riding. Of any kind, with time more and more individuals are stirring out on motor bikes. Honda recently exposed its latest and innovative Rider Assist Technology.

This technology promises to balance the motor bike in that wobbly dawdling ranges under 3mph. Without a doubt, you can have your primary reluctances. However, I really feel that after going through its probable benefits, you will get them all clear.

Let’s see what Honda self-balancing bike is all about!

This latest motor bike is sweeping across the board like fire. It is certainly the up-to-date, stylish, standard and fun gadget. You must have seen it all over the place: on Facebook videos or on YouTube. In fact, even superstars are riding on various self-balancing bikes and scooters. You must perhaps be thinking — these bikes must be very costly and there is no way I can pay for them. Some impressed folks might be thinking: Where did those celebs buy these damn bikes from?

Are they expensive? What are these self-balancing bikes and etcetera?

So, why you think should you buy a motor bike like this? It is a simple question with a simpler answer: for the reason that it is the future! You won’t ever realize how grand it is until you give it a drat try! This bike from Honda with its self-balancing technology lets you travel in a way you never believed was conceivable.
And just look at those gorgeous looks!! Just look at them for the first time and trust me, they are too hard to miss!!

Too good for the novice!

Remember the first time you tried to ride a bike? Do you remember when you dropped the clutch thinking that you were in neutral? Remember when you overlooked to lay the kickstand down? The humiliation of getting your motor bike tumble over is too embarrassing to go, right? Thus, this self-balancing bike from Honda is too good for learner motorcyclists. I visualize it would feel lighter at a point, as you won’t be actually governing its weight. As a gadget for a novice, I consider this to have unbelievable prospective.

What makes it work?

Honda makes use of an automated steer-by-wire system. This system unfastens the handles from the front forks at speeds lower than 3 mph. Thus, it badges the front wheel’s control to the processor. The bike is efficient enough to sense the lean angles. This swipes the wheel to one or the other side, to neutralize any tendency tip over. It likewise fine-tunes the angles of the front forks. This drops the bike’s center of gravity to recover stability. Honda’s “Riding Assist” technology does not depend on gyroscopes for balancing. It, as an alternative, uses tech resultant from the balancing schemes in its Asimo robot. Undoubtedly, Honda engineers enjoyed a lot in the process of discovering the spinoffs.

Why should you go for it?

The self-balancing bikes from Honda have various benefits. They, for sure, are a lot more than just fun to drive. You can use them for anything and everything in your normal life. With this, you can travel to work, spunk around the town, or even enjoy a Sunday hot-rodding. Moreover, these bikes are becoming more and more popular as exercise gadgets. This is for the reason that they need some balancing practice and additional energy from the rider in order to drive flawlessly.

Now, let us talk about self-balancing technology.

What is self-balancing technology?

There is nothing so uncommon about self-balancing technology.

The technology is all about two gyroscopes placed as low as possible. Principally, the gyroscope is a spinning wheel or a disk with a free axis of rotation. This is capable of taking up an arbitrary orientation. The gyroscope at all times stays in the balance due to its free axis rotation. As the axis is free, the balance remains unaffected with any kind of tilting or moving. If you attempt to drive the bike over, the gyroscope thrusts it back.

You can find the same technology used at a lot of places. A dominant hub motor manages everything. This motor is a 2,000-watt crest motor or 500 watts of steady power. All this is fixed on a wheel that is used by a go-kart.

Application areas of self-balancing technology

Self-balancing bike from Honda is the latest example of this technology. Regardless of initial discrimination and scorn, application areas of this technology are sweeping and unceasingly growing. Making all the researches and developments in this arena short and snappy, I am discussing few major deployment areas:

Self-Balancing Table

A Japanese engineer developed a self-balancing table that can deliver the food, and play a melody when doing that. It is armed with quite a few infrared light sensors. This allows preserving the balance, gyroscopes. The table is regulated with remote.

• iBOT Wheelchair

Segway creator Dean Kamen designed this special kind of wheelchair. The system makes use of multiple integral computers. All of them work together with gyroscopes to climb staircases.

• EniCycle

A 1000W battery drives this self-balancing cycle. eniCycle is proficient of running for three hours covering about 30 miles. The gadget features a gyroscope, three-hour battery in conjunction with a spring damper.

• Gyrobike

Gyrobike is again a special bike that balances using the gyroscopic precession of the autonomously spinning disk.


This self-balancing unicycle can move for about 30-miles on a single charge. Furthermore, you can attain the highest speed of 20mph. Unluckily, this unicycle is a bit pricey to own.

What the future has in store?

Whatever we have discussed is just the nitty-gritty of the self-balancing technology. There is much more area for enhancement and application. To grasp the edge of self-balancing technology, we will have to implement a lot of exploration and study. Just a few years back, we had not even believed that hover boards or other self-balancing vehicles, devoid of handles, could be balanced.
Now, you can see numerous latest models that are even within your means. I hope that this piece cleared things up for you when speaking of self-balancing technology. Just wait and you are likely to see the bursting scope of these gadgets in near future. Be that as it may, from what we can see now the future seems to be a lot more fascinating and exciting!!