Cyclone fani formed the same way other cyclones form. To understand this we will have to understand how cyclones form.

Dotted line is the equator

As you know Ocean are warmer near equator of the earth and due to this air that comes in contact with warmer water becomes warm and less dense hence it goes up in the atmosphere. It creates a low pressure area. Colder winds come to take the place of low pressure area but they too become hot and rise up. This way a cyclone is created.

Bay of bengal is near to the equator and that is why cyclone Fani is moving towards Bay of bengal.

Due to climate change temprature of earth is increasing every year. And this year it was the hottest near equator. Increase in temperature will also increase ocean temperature. And this will keep creating many cyclones like Fani.

We should plant more and more tall trees near the land which meets ocean, this way we can decrease the wind speed and this will do less harm.

Tree also help to bring down the temperature of the Earth. Planting trees and stopping green house gases is the only solution to stop such kinds of cyclones.

Fani is estimated to have 170 – 200 km of wind speed which can cause huge loss and damage.