Many animals and birds have faced extinction in India, thanks to the unchecked hunting and loss of habitat. Although many environmental activists and NGOs are working relentlessly to protect and safeguard the interests of birds and animals, a lot still needs to be done. Despite all efforts, many animals and birds are no more found in India.

Let us check out this list of birds and animals that are extinct in India!

Pink-Headed Duck

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The pink-headed duck was found in the Gangetic plains of India but are feared to have faced extinction since the 1950s in India. Many researchers have tried to locate them but have not succeeded in doing so. They are given the status of “Critically Endangered,” and some believe that they can be found in the inaccessible swampy areas of northern Myanmar. But there is no concrete evidence for that. They are unique because of their dark body and a pink head.


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Exaeretodon is another extinct species in India. It was initially an herbivore found in northwestern Argentina. That said, there are some forms of the species that are found in southeastern Brazil too. The different forms of this species are E. argentinus, E. major, E. statisicae, E. riograndensi, etc.


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Bharattherium is another mammal that is facing extinction. It lived in India but is found in South America and Madagascar now. This species is popular for having eight isolated fossil teeth which comprise of seven molariforms and one incisor.


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Gigantopithecus are also an extinct species that comes from the lineage of apes. They are known to have existed as early as nine million years ago and as recent as a hundred thousand years ago. They were found around the same period when homo erectus existed. Information about these animals is derived from the fossil remains of these animals.

Indian Aurochs

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The Indian Aurochs are a subspecies of aurochs who are also extinct. They are known to have disappeared from India in about 13th century AD. Their skeleton remains from around 1800 BC were found in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Indian Cheetah

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The Indian Cheetah is also labeled as a critically endangered species in India. Currently, it survives only in the regions of Iran and some other protected areas. The human population is very low in those regions. These Indian or Asiatic Cheetahs come from the family of the African Cheetahs, but they are slightly different from them.


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Hyperodapedon is an extinct animal that was first discovered in around 1859. They were herbivores and lived in drylands. They became extinct very early on. They were heavy in their built and stocky with a length of around 4.3 feet.


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Last but not least, Sivatherium is another extinct genus that was found in the Indian subcontinent as well as Africa. However, thanks to unchecked human activity, this species has suffered to no end. They were originally found in the Himalayan foothills about 8,000 years ago and can still be found in some Indian rock paintings.

Final Words

To sum up, the human race has contributed to the extinction of many animals. India has always had a rich history of birds and animals, but unchecked hunting and poaching have led to a mass extinction of many animals. This list only has eight such animals, but there are many more in India and around the world that don’t exist anymore, thanks to the unlimited human greed and want. However, this should be an eye-opener, and we must take every step to protect the animal and bird species that exist now and are on the verge of extinction.