Although several animals are adopted as pets, there are plenty of wild animals in India that live by no one’s rules but their own. In addition to that, there are many animals in the country that are especially wild and possess some pretty dangerous characteristics. Although India has an animal-friendly and rich wildlife diversity, there are some animals that you must absolutely steer clear of. Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous animals in India!

Common Krait

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The common krait is one of the most dangerous snakes in India. Many other snakes belong to the Krait family. One bite from these snakes can be lethal for humans.

The Bengal Tiger

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The Bengal Tiger is one of the fiercest animals in India. They are massive and dangerous yet one of the most beautiful creatures that you can find in the Indian jungles. However, these days, the Bengal tigers are under threat due to unchecked hunting and poaching by humans. These tigers are found mainly in the Sundarbans forests and other forests in the Bengal region.

King Cobra

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King Cobra is one of the longest snakes in India and the most dangerous one. Their length can range between 13-15 feet on an average while other exceptions have a length of 18 feet. It makes them the world’s largest poisonous snake. King Cobra is also worshipped in India on a festival known as Nag Panchami.

Saw-Scaled Viper

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Saw-scaled viper comes from the poisonous viper family of snakes. They are very dangerous and have been responsible for several deaths in India.

Asian Black Bear

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The Asian black bear is also known as the white-chested bear or the moon bear because of their physical characteristics. They are medium in size and have adapted to arboreal life. They are also one of the most dangerous animals in India.

Indian Leopard

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The Indian leopards are also amongst the dangerous animals in India. They belong to the family of panthers. They are usually not found in the regions where the density of tigers is high. The number of Indian leopards is declining because of the loss of habitat and illegal trade of their skin.

Rogue Asian Elephants

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The rogue Asian Elephants or Asiatic elephants can be very dangerous if they go, rogue. These elephants are found across the Indian subcontinent, and it becomes very difficult to control the rogue ones. In most cases, either they are given some sedatives or are killed by humans. Otherwise, they have the capacity to destroy villages as well.

Indian Red Scorpion

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The Indian red scorpions or the Hottentotta tamulus belong to the Buthidae family. They are found in most parts of India, and their bites can be lethal. They are widely found in the vegetated lowland region of India and live closer to human settlements.


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There are several dangerous species of crocodiles that are also quite deadly. The most dangerous thing about them is that they strike a person before he/she has had time even to react. The Nile crocodile and the saltwater crocodile are some of the most dangerous crocodiles found in India.


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It is no secret that mosquitos are essentially blood-sucking parasites that are incredibly harmful to our health. Although they are not too perilous by themselves, they carry viral and infectious diseases from dengue to malaria that can be the cause of death. They can also cause diseases such as chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika fever.

Final Words

These are some of the most dangerous animals you can find in India. So, beware of them if they ever cross your path!