What is the water conservation, what a conservation means using water wisely and not contributing to the wastage of water.

There are many ways to Conserve water and we are going to discuss them one by one.Water is essential to life and we need water to survive, by conserving water we are not only saving water but also saving energy and this planet because to make water fit for drinking we need to filter it, heat it, and pump the water to homes and it requires electricity which ultimately requires energy so we are not just saving the water we are also saving energy.

Do not unnecessarily turn on the tap, use water use water wisely.

Learn to reuse the water for example water that you used while bathing can be used for watering nearby plants.

If you have a swimming pool cover it up, Because it not only reduces the pool temperature but also reduces the water evaporation.

Use the washing machine fully loaded because you can wash many clothes at a time rather than washing half.

While soaping close the tap.

While brushing close the tap.

While washing dishes don’t let the water run unnecessarily.

When you are drinking water from the tap , close the tap after use.

Follow the rainwater harvesting principles and conserve the rain water.

Always use dishwasher in full load it saves water.

Water recycling option should be followed at home or in office space.

Don’t waste water while taking shower try to take shower for maximum of five minutes.

Do it I will check up for water leaks also check your toilet and bathroom for leaks.

It is advisable to install a water meter.

Redistribution of water from areas where there is excess of water to the areas where there is less water is advisable. Redistribution of water is also possible through canal system , canal system Transfers water from excess rainwater areas to the areas where rainwater is very less. Thus by using canal system excess water can be conserved.

Rational use of groundwater is advisable , groundwater meets 25% of all the water demand where is surface water meets 75% of all the water demand.

Groundwater exploitation should be done in proportion to its recharge capability. Recharging groundwater takes a long time.

Population explosion is also responsible for water crisis in India and it seems population control is the only solution at this point. Demand for water increases in proportion to their population explosion hence demand for water can be controlled by controlling population.

By using modern methods of irrigation farmers could save large amounts of water.

Flood management is the need of the hour during monsoon season India receives a very heavy rainfall and due to which states like Bihar Assam receive a very heavy rainfall which causes floods and this flood water is carried to sea through rivers, if we are able to conserve flood water then we can redistribute this water to low rainfall areas.

Safe practices of water conservation should be practised in industries that consume large amount of water every day for example dying and leather industries consume large extent of water and they also pollute the water . Water should be treated properly before it is sent to rivers.

Municipal bodies should focus more on sewage water treatment and reuse of water for different purpose rather than sending water directly to rivers.