Simple Answer: No

You can’t trust media and you should not trust media. If you want to know why then proceed reading.

To understand why should we not trust media we will have to understand how news media works. How they make money and what’s their goal?

How news Media works?

News media works on by identifying target audience. They first find which people are going to watch their show because this is crucial for their success, if there is no target audience there is no flow of emotions, there is no hitting of soft corner of the audience because if audience don’t love what they are watching, news media company can’t run.

Their audience are their soft targets. Everyone in this world is different but again there are some people who will agree on certain points.

Suppose the i ask you a question ‘Is earth flat or round?’

I won’t get a single answer, some of you will agree that earth is flat and some of you will agree that earth is round and some of you will say i don’t give a shit.

Here we can find 3 kinds of people. Congrats, we can make 3 media companies here satisfying the ego of 3 kinds of people and believe me it would be profitable.

Media companies don’t care about what’s the truth is, if they can satisfy the ego of certain sect of people they can easily make money and that’s what they are doing.

let’s for now divide the audience into 3 parts

  1. Good audience
  2. bad audience
  3. don’t care audience

Suppose a media company targeted good audience and this media company is very powerful. Do you think a new media company can rise by again targeting Good audience ?


So what is does?

it targets the bad audience and tada, it’s profitable and in this happy moment both are happy media company and bad audience.

But the thing to notice is that most likely a media company that targets bad audience is also run by a bad guy. Let’s call him a magician.

So this magician makes his bad audience believe what is wrong is not wrong and what is right is not right.

Magician makes money and bad audience feel happy. Job done.

Now if third media company wants to enter the market, which audience it will target?

You are right. The don’t care audience.

So you see that what you watch online or on TV is specifically designed to satisfy your ego. They don’t care about what’s the truth, they only care about their money and that’s what they are for. To make money.

If all media company tell the same stories how can they satisfy the ego of certain sect of people and how can they make profit?

it’s not that media is bad. It’s the audience.

Not all media company will tell you the truth and not all media company will tell you the bad story. So be careful, what you think is right may not be right because what ever you are seeing on TV, on social media is specially tailored made for you.

The real question you should ask, am I a good audience or bad?

What kind of person am I? then there may be some improvement in your life, you might get a better life. You might finally know the truth.

It is always better to research yourself before believing a tailor made news channel. You can’t tell that media is biased, if you yourself is biased.

How news company make money?

They make money on views. Simple. More views more money. Before showing the news to their target audience they identify what their target audience is thinking ? What their target audience want?

After identifying they tell their tailors to make news and make their audience happy. They don’t care about anything except views and money.

They also play with the emotions of their target audience. More emotions means more views. They try to hit the soft target. They want their audience to cry after watching their show. They want their audience to get angry.

Many times you found out that you got angry by reading some post on social media. Do you think it was necessary? No, it was only done to gain your sympathy. To make to act. To make share their content. To make you tell your friends how angry you are, because that’s where money flows.

More angry you are more promotion you would do and more money will come.

Should we quit Social Media ?


If you want to live a happy life. If you want to know the real truth you must quit social media because there no use of reading tailor made news just to play with your emotions and many times satisfy your ego if you are ignorant.

I tell you, It does not matter if you are good audience or bad audience, what’s matter is you must know the truth. Just because something is satisfying your ego it doesn’t means it’s the truth you are seeking for.

Every soul needs salvation. You need to come out of your own virtual world and explore the real world. Seek truth yourself, this world is more beautiful and splendid than what you are being shown every day.

Even your friends are faking it on social media. They are also targeting you to make you believe that they are better than you. They want to put you down to satisfy their ego.

At last all i want to tell you is that it take guts to come out of your own imaginative world and know the real truth and explore the real world.