20 facts about the earth

  • Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has life that we know so far.
  • Earth is the 5th largest planet in solar system.
  • It is the only planet that has water on it’s surface that we know so far.
  • The name of Earth is 1000 years old and the meaning of earth is “The Ground”. This is the only planet which is not named after Gods.
  • Earth revolves around it’s own axis and also orbits the sun which is a star.
  • One day is 24 hours on earth and it takes 365 days to complete one revolution around the sun.
  • Most of the part of our planet earth is covered in water.
  • Earth is our home sweet home, millions of types of living beings and organisms lives on planet earth.
  • Atmosphere protects our planet earth from solar radiation and acts as a protective shield.
  • It has a diameter of 13000 Km
  • The temperature at core of earth is same as the temperature of the sun which is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is weird that we live on a fireball.
  • Clouds on earth help regulates it’s temperature.
  • Ancient Scientist used to believed that Earth is the center of the universe because it seemed to be static while other celestial bodies were moving but Copernicus postulated that Sun is the center not earth.
  • Earth is a very powerful magnetic field which is caused due to iron and nickel in it’s core.
  • The shape of earth is round like a Ball due to strong gravitational energy that pulls things in center. It is not fully round but near to an ellipsoid.
  • Earths atmosphere is about 10000 km in widths from surface of the earth. Atmosphere is the thickets for first 50 km then it gradually becomes thinner as we go up from the earth’s surface.
  • Earth went through extreme cold temperatures know as ice age multiple times in past around 600-800 million years ago.
  • All stars age and die including our sun, which is also aging. When our sun will die it will eventually vaporize earth by becoming a red giant but this not happen for next 5 billion years.
  • The highest point on earth is Mount Everest.
  • Challenger Deep is the lowest point on earth which is at the depths of 10,929 meters.


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