What is Motion

Motion is the change in position of an object with respect to a frame of reference and time.

Anything that changes it’s position over time is said to be in motion. Study of motion with respect to forces and energy is called dynamics and without forces and energy is known as kinematics.

Types of Motion

  1. Translatory motion
  2. Oscillatory motion
  3. Rotational motion
  4. Random motion

examples of motion

  1. Driving car on road is an example of linear motion
  2. Pulling drawer , Firing a bullet, Throwing a ball are all examples of linear motion
  3. Earth revolution around the sun , electrons motion around nucleus is an example of circular motion.
  4. Spinning wheel, rotating fan, motion of steering wheel of a car , motion of earth on it’s own axis are examples of rotatory motion.
  5. Playing guitar by hitting it’s string to make it vibrate, ringing bell in temple are all examples of vibratory motion.
  6. Flying of mosquito, Bee and other insects which are in zig zag pattern are examples of Random motion.
  7. Motion of gas particles or Motion of liquid molecules in a zig zag manner is also an example of Random motion.
  8. Swinging a child on a swing, when swing moves to and fro , Movement of pendulum, string of Guitar. These are some of the examples of Oscillatory motion.
  9. Motion of satellites around earth, motion of car on a circular track is an example of circular motion.
  10. Motion of a airplane in a straight line, motion of a free falling object, motion of a insect like ant in a straight line . These are examples of linear motion.