20 facts about sex

  • Male orgasm lasts about 6 seconds where as female orgasms last for 20 seconds
  • When two people kiss, they exchange lots of bacteria around 10 to 1 billion.
  • Having sex cuts your stress level. Yes, it makes you happier than before.
  • Less sex means more work. Some people tend to involve themselves to more work when they have sex once a week. Less sex means more stress. More work means more stress and more stress means less sex.
  • Sex reduces the risk of heart attack in men. Researchers have found that men who had sex twice or more in a week were less likely to die from heart attack.
  • Sex improves a person’s self esteem some people even feel more powerful and attractive after sex.
  • Sex is there for mixing genes,  gamete cells in men and women carry these cells. Generally a women releases 1 egg a month but opposite to that a man sends around 20 to 750 million sperms in a single ejaculation.
  • Sex sells, people sell sex through movies and advertisement.
  • People most of dream about sex.
  • Women too get erections just like males but it’s smaller.
  • Nearly 3 percent people do not even think about sex. They do not have any sexual fantasies.
  • More and more people are talking about sex these days but opposite to that less people are actually having sex.
  • For pleasure, width of penis is more important than length of penis.
  • Sexually transmitted disease can easily spread without you knowing it.
  • Your penis may break or fracture due to changing position while it’s still erect. So be careful.
  • Women breasts can swell when she gets turned on.
  • You burn nearly 100 calories while having sex.
  • Sexual activity done alone is known as masturbation.
  • Some people need more stuffs for masturbation they use dildos, vibrators and sex toys.
  • There are also ricks of sexual activity like unwanted pregnancy and STD.
  • People who like other people of same sex are known as homosexual.
  • Men homosexuals are known as gay and women homosexuals are known as lesbians.
  • Kama Sutra is the ancient text of sexuality.


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