Small rings found in the teeth of bears can be detected with the help of a microscope.

Layers of skins are found in bears. It is of two types, a small layer which helps to keep the bear warm and the other layer protects it from water.

Bear is a very intelligent animal. Bears take good steam from the trap laid by a hunter.

The maximum age of wild bears is 30 years, on the contrary, captive bears live till the age of 47 years.

Dhurviye bears are carnivorous, the same bears are omnivorous, which consume both meat and plants.

Sun Bear’s paws are very big. Their tongue is also very big. According to an estimate, their tongue is 9 inches.

Bears can run at a speed of 64 km, which is enough to catch any running horse. Usain Bolt is the fastest man who runs. His speed is 43 kilometers per hour.

The heart rate of an ordinary bear is 40 per minute, but the heart rate of a bear sleeping in winter is 8 per minute.

Some bears have the art of walking on their back legs. Many times, when suddenly seen from a distance, this bear looks like a human.

Black bears are not actually completely black, they look like a rainbow and their skin turns from black to red-brown and then to white.

Bears are found throughout Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Bears have good sense of smell.

They are solitary animals except mother and baby.

During winters, food is scarce and bears go to hibernation where they stop eating, drinking and urinating for around 100 days during this period they burn the body fat. So the fattest bears survives most during winters.

Bears are omnivores and they love the taste of honey.

Bears are facing the habitat loss due to deforestation for agriculture and growing population.